As I’ve mentioned, Metatron’s Army is about transformation. Becoming.

BISHOP PAIR:  The retention of both bishops.  The term is used after one of both knights has been exchanged for one of both bishops.  The player with the bishop pair theoretically has the advantage over an opponent with two knights, or a bishop and a knight.

Readers of the series will immediately notice significant differences between the first two books in characters and in storytelling style.  This was done to illustrate the depth of transformation in the heroine, Christine Baker, nee Cirhce of Ivar and to show the impact of environment on the characters.

How they behave, the actions they take.

In Advantage I focused on the people, places, and events that shape Cirhce’s personality, laying the foundation for the role she’s to fulfill. 

In Bishop Pair which takes place in the heroine’s home dimension, readers meet a woman not hardened by life so much as possessing confidence gained from having faced down adversity.  As she thinks to herself during a meeting with Verix

This guy didn’t intimidate her.  He couldn’t.  She’d been bullied by worse. 

Though she is in a situation inducing anxiety, she masters her fears having done so before.

 “What do you want?” she snapped impatiently.

I chose to focus on the tactical and strategic aspects of her development.

What goes into the making of a soldier.

There isn’t a lot of insight into exactly what it is she is destined to do but it’s evident she is of importance and not just to those who want something from her.

Good ol’ Iconoclast makes an appearance.

I spent a bit of time considering an insignia for the Iconoclast.  As so much of this series is intertwined with my relationship to electromagnetic theory I decided to go for something along that line.

A broken circuit. 

The introduction of this entity is done in such a way as to illustrate he has a dry sense of humor.  This is inferred rather than blatant.  I chose this option to show that for all their supernatural strength those protecting the Princess are out of their depth.

I elected to leave this story on a cliffhanger not because of a sadistic streak but because it truly was appropriate.  Just when the heroine thinks she’s got a handle on a situation – the ground beneath her feet shifts.

I believe regardless of how I chose to close out this chapter in the heroine’s life readers would want to read on to see how it turns out.

I recognize and honor that there is a relationship of trust between writer and reader and I can promise readers of my work that I am fully committed to providing value by giving my all when telling a story that shows readers a world they never knew existed.

It’s a world world, as I point out in Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army, I’m intimately familiar with.



“You can believe there are other planets but not other universes?” 

He didn’t want to think about the implications of what he’d seen, of what it might mean about his roommate, but what choice did he have?  He looked over.  “Where are you from?”

“Chestin -.”

“Because I don’t think you’re from here.”

No one must know your true identity, Princess.

Christine’s mind whirled.  It wasn’t in her nature to lie but she saw the wisdom of Alexander’s directive.  

“He will not betray you, Princess.”

Truth then.

“I don’t know where I’m from.  Other than The Edge.”

“How can that be?” he asked quietly.

“Because I’ve never been back.  I was taken from my home when I was an infant.  I was raised by two people I thought were my parents.”

“When did you find out the truth?”

“I haven’t yet been told the entire truth.”

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