Zwischenzug:  An “in between move”, where a player, instead of playing the expected move, first inserts a move which the opponent must answer, before making the expected move.

The Plot Thickens.  That’s the phrase that comes to mind when describing Zwischenzug, third in the Metatron’s Army series. Like when playing a game of chess I spent a great deal of time considering each book as a separate move to put pieces in place laying the foundation for the overall story.  This allows readers to study each move independently and consider how things may play out.

 In this chapter of Cirhce’s story I  introduce players who are and have been working behind the scenes in her life.  Much of the story is told through their eyes which highlights motivations that aren’t always clear.  This allows readers to make up their own minds about what may be going on.

To say things are not always what they seem is an understatement.

Adversity continues to play a significant role in Cirhce’s education through life experience world.  We see this approach having a positive impact as evidenced by this moment of self-reflection:

Rather than following, she led the way, unable to avoid feeling a bit smug.  The first few times she’d felt so turned around, so lost.  Now she was leading the way.  

The tone of this book is different than others in the series.  This was done to draw attention to where the characters are in their development – as individuals who have a duty to fulfill as well as co-conspirators who have hidden motivations.  

Zwischenzug is one of the longer books in the series.  While there is a lot going on it was the need to focus on the supporting cast that drove this approach.  Especially the Light Beings.

 Their physiology, their abilities, and their vulnerabilities.

I will share that key pieces are now in place.  How things evolve from here is a direct result of the setup to this point.


 “But we are together.  I am here, with you.”

She laughed.  “I meant together, ya know?”  Realizing he didn’t, she huffed.  “He thought you were my boyfriend, that we had a relationship.”

“I understand.”

“He offered to buy me a drink but I told him I needed to get back to my friend.”

He didn’t reply.


“I heard you, Princess.  We are not friends.”

“Are we enemies?”

“We are not.”

“Then what are we, may I ask?”

“I am tasked with protecting you and ensuring you get the education and experience you need -.”

She held up a hand.  “Please, no destiny talk.  If you go there I may just go find that guy and take him up on his offer.”

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