Dark Bishop: A bishop which moves on the dark squares.

Turn Up The Heat.  Passion.  Intensity.  Intimacy.  These are the prevailing themes in Dark Bishop, seventh in the Metatron’s Army series.

With much of the foundation laid this longer than usual chapter of Cirhce’s journey focuses on key players 

  • Who and what they are
  • What they bring to the table
  • How they relate to each other
  • Their stake in the game

It quickly becomes evident that regardless of where they stand on the emotion spectrum the common theme binding the characters together is passion

  • For excellence
  • For pursuit of goals
  • For each other

These relationships while passionate are not necessarily romantic.

There are deep friendships and relationships built on respect and loyalty

Like Recognizes Like.  Recognizing this drive – passion – in others establishes a type of trust that allows individuals normally distrustful of one another to work together.

They know passion so they trust tit as a driving force in another, as something they understand.

One Cool Customer.  Being driven by passions does not translate to rash or hasty action.

Education and experience have instilled a sense of responsibility that takes priority over curiosity or a need to be right.  This deepens the trust between Cirhce and the team of allies she is building.

We see Cirhce stepping into the leadership role she’s been working toward

There she was, graduated but grounded, yet knowing that the stunt that landed her in such a situation accomplished far more than shooting down enemies ever could.  She would do it again.

She is put in situations that aren’t necessarily comfortable

“Tell me about sex,” he replied, his expression bland.

Sex? Had she bitten off more than she could chew when she offered to help him build tolerance to emotion and – ultimately – emotion-inspired physical contact? 

She doesn’t back down

“Sex?”  She couldn’t help cringing as visions of being the hotline for Light Being birds and bees questions swam before her.  Maybe I’ll write a report.

We get a glimpse into the unusual world in which she moves, the people in it

“Come in!” Dacan called, unsurprised to see the Tactical instructor.  “What can I do for you, Corus?”

Before he could respond, the sound of smashing glass carried inside.  “I think you need to come.”


Corus jerked a thumb toward Verix’s office.  “Why?  Those two are going to kill each other!”

“I assure you,” the Auspex calmly responded, “there is no danger of that.”

“There’s not going to be anything left of Verix’s office, and he’s about to destroy some of mine,” Corus snapped.

And the unique individuals in it

Christine was unprepared for the fury turned in her direction.  “I am not embarrassed!” he growled, coming to his feet.  “I am poison to anyone and everyone!”  To her shock and dismay, sparks flew from his fingers, danced up his arms.  

She does not back down

“Dacan,” she snapped, exasperated, “knock it off.”  

We see she has come to accept the duality of her existence

It had taken time, not to mention a few harrowing events, but she’d finally come to accept that regardless of where she was raised, she’d been born on Ivar, her destiny to be responsible for the inhabitants of the Ivory Isles, three planets at the edge of the Vetria System.  

She is dealing with a number of growing pains.  Ironically they are not hers so much as those around her who need to accept her as the leader she is.

“Can’t you call me Christine Baker?” she said tiredly.

“You know I cannot, Commander.”

She let out a gusty sigh, wondered if it had been such a good idea to have Corus come with her.  Yes, she was the Commander, and yes, she was born Cirhce of Alsheer, but damn it, that wasn’t who she was to him. 

Throughout this series but particularly in this book I use humor to offset intensity

She became aware they had an audience in the form of Corus and Godzilla.  She wondered, idly, where Alexander was.


“I am not!” 

Her mouth twitched.

In the previous books of the series the stage was set.  In Dark Bishop key players take their positions on it.


“Was the demonstration satisfactory?” he asked as a suction device descended from the ceiling and made quick work of the shards.

“Very,” he managed, eyeing the empty space.  “How -?”  He gestured toward the table.

“It’s a combination of robotics technology,” Christine started, “along with -.”

“I am a sentient being,” the image interrupted in what Corus swore was a tone of indignation.

“Technically,” he added, his expression cool.

Christine dragged a hand down her face.  

“Is that true?” he asked quietly.  “Is he?”

Turning to her love, she decided to be completely frank.  “I don’t know how to answer that, Corus.  My definition of sentient being has changed dramatically since coming to Dynamic.”  Her Sunday School lessons hadn’t prepared her for celestial beings, multiple universes, or energetic cores that could be transplanted like house plants.

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