Diagonals: The squares on which bishops move, at 45° the ranks and files.

Something’s Gotta Give.  Diagonalstenth in the Metatron’s Army series opens with the war going on multiple fronts and though everyone is doing their part trouble is looming.  

Pressure is stressing the system and there’s no circuit breaker.

If we consider Metatron’s Army as a parallel circuit with each player one of the component parts we start to see exactly where that trouble is likely to come from.  

Given the nature of Light Beings it was easy and fun to utilize the laws governing electricity to inspire  metaphors and plot devices throughout the series.  The Iconoclast’s symbol is such an example.

At this point in the story we have a key player acting with inductance which is the tendency for an  electrical conductor to resist change in the flow.  

The gates were fewer but the impact of those few remaining was significant.  Especially, the one they couldn’t close.  She hadn’t been able to bring herself to close it.  

As there is no real circuit breaker it’s only a matter of time before the system itself is badly damaged. 

“If I close that gate,” she said quietly, “do you think he would understand?”

Something’s Gotta Give.

He came around to stand next to her chair.  “The question is, Christine, could you live with yourself?”

Though loyal to Cirhce as the Commander the members of Metatron’s Army see the situation for what it is.

Trouble on the horizon.

Even as they search for solutions the system itself starts to buckle under. 

Verix frowned, looked from the Auspex to the commander.  “And why is this my responsibility to deal with?”

“You’re kidding, right?” 

We see this through tempers flaring.

Verix’s hands clenched.  “You would try to push her?”

 And individuals being pushed to the breaking point.

“No but hear this.  I will wait.  I cannot say the same for others.”

Electricity takes the path of least resistance.  Without a circuit breaker damage to the system is inevitable.

Christine saw the torment in her friend’s eyes.  This was her fault.  If she’d moved on, the men and women around her wouldn’t be in pain.  A pain that came from being anchored in place.  Because of her and her inability to move on.  

This is doubly true when the electrical energy in question is sexual in nature.

“No one would judge you if you decided to pursue a relationship with – someone.”  He hoped he didn’t have to elaborate on who that someone was.

This complexity sets the stage for miscues.

Just as with Xavier, the ledge served as a place of peace for the Energy Shifter.  Just as the rooftop did for her.  And oh, did she need peace.  The vultures were circling.

Cirhce knows what the problem is and even what would fix it.

She turned off the cigarette, shoved it back into the sleeve pocket.  Roddy.  Ryn.  It was only a matter of time before someone else stepped forward, though she could eliminate at least a few.  

Yet she continues to resist taking action.

“It would change us.  Once you’d been inside of me – everything would be different.”

The words resonated and he’d left off.  Thankfully.  

The funny thing about change, ignoring it?  Resisting it?  Doesn’t work.

Change happens.

Events continue to unfold around the woman leading Metatron’s Army even as she resists taking steps that would act as the circuit breaker they need.  And because change happens, her hand is eventually forced.

“How long has he been back?”

“I don’t know,” he lied.  “They won’t tell me anything.”  That, at least, was the truth.

Ironically, though major events push Cirhce to take various actions, the overall problem persists.

Setting the stage for Promotion, Book 11 in the series.

As with the other books in the series there is plenty of action.

Christine rolled across the floor, firing with both hands.  Only one of the weapons was any match against the protective suits but the second put out a brightly colored laser that blinded, making it excellent cover fire.  

And humor.

Christine dragged the rolling table, pulled open the door.  “Oh, hello you two.  As you can see, the meal was delicious.  Bye.”  Without another word, she shut the door on her father and the Energy Seer.  At least Godzilla hadn’t been there, she thought idly.

I introduce new characters to add perspective.  One of my favorites is a former RAF pilot.  His no-nonsense way is a cool breeze when things heat up.

She gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile.  “I’ll answer and then I’ll explain, so don’t panic.”

“I never panic.”

“Good trait in a soldier.”

“Especially, a pilot.”

His entrance into the story is a turning point in Cirhce’s command and in her life for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that he is human.

He smiled.  “Are you from Earth then?”

“Grew up there.”

“Not the same thing.”

He quickly sizes up the situation.

He may have just shown up to the party, but he would put it on black in Monte Carlo she was in love with the man who went down.

And knows the right course of action.

Gabriel decided saying nothing was the best course of action.

Christine recognizes the gift.

She looked at the Brit.  “It would have gone a lot worse today, if not for you.”  

His entrance is a boost when she needs it most.  It acts as that badly needed circuit breaker and not just for Cirhce.

That there is more drama in this chapter of Cirhce’s journey meant Gabriel’s entrance was a cool breeze for me as well.

As with other books in the series I delve into various physiological challenges that affect key players.

Bond this, energetic connection that.  Core.  Soul.  It tired her out.

 And sets the stage for a redistribution of power as the system seeks to absorb the changes wrought through severe adversity.

“We have handled situations in ways we felt would keep the Princess whole.”

“And in keeping the soldier and the leader intact, which serves you and your allies, you sacrificed the woman.” 

This redistribution includes outsiders who choose to exercise it by drawing attention to what needs to be done.

“You can’t let them do that, Christine.  It’s what makes you who you are.  Take that away and you really will be nothing more than a Light Being.”

Which circles back to the idea that in spite of actions taken – actions that were forced and likely because they were forced – problems remain.

The adventure continues…


Christine stared at the jewel colored falls, considered how she once likened them to a Disney attraction.  Of course, that had been before, when she still associated more with her life on Earth.  After everything she’d been through in the past two years, that was no longer a possibility.  

Time travel, alternate dimensions, sex with alien life forms.  That was her world now.  

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