I have to admit it’s an interesting time to be a sci-fi writer.  Especially given the nature of what set me on this path, an NDE in which what I saw and experienced was more science and technology than religious in nature.

Including technology that hadn’t yet been invented and some of which has yet to be invented.

Or, to be precise, a celestial being I encountered during the NDE who’s continued to guide me throughout my life and who instructed me to publish the story I’d wrapped around the experience.

All of which is detailed in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

As I write in Lessons from the Edge, the Metatron’s Army series isn’t the only sci-fi series published as a result of my relationship with the celestial being. 

In its original form this series was conceived when I was in 10th grade and is also a result of the NDE though more indirectly.

As I write in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, my return to Catholic school after the NDE was, to say the least, a bumpy ride thanks to the fact the NDE was in no way shape or form close to what I’d been taught.

I also discuss this in the interview with Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Talk Radio.

The stark differences led to deep theological research which immediately brought to light that there are a number of differing accounts of historical events.

Different sides of the same war, different cultural interpretations of events, translation errors, etc.

I began writing the original storyline shortly after starting my career in the tech industry.  The original series was comprised of 3 novels and was set in 10th century Gaul.

The current series draws from the earlier research and shares common concepts applied to the plot but has significant contributions from the celestial being who spent a great deal of time pointing me at current resources and historical data that supports the message he was trying to get across to me.

While I consider the celestial being I refer to as “the Dude” to be a partner, he understands that in the end, I make the decisions as to what I will or will not include in my stories.

For more information on this partnership, see pages under the Muse Menu Pick on metatronsuniverse.com.


Toward Christmas of 10th grade, with the rudiments of Metatron’s Army already in play, I was asked by the celestial guide to work on another traditional sci-fi story.  Between work, school, Metatron’s Army, and a psi avalanche, I had no time or energy to dedicate to such a project, so, I politely refused.

He circled back around to this idea about a year ago.

I have enjoyed working on these sci-fi stories and look forward to a continuing relationship with this being.

Who advised me not to worry about what may or may not be in that Congressional report and to stay focused on what’s in front of me. 

Good advice.

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