Metatron’s Army, by far, is the most unique writing project of my career and my life.  There is nothing about how it came to be that is normal or even typical of how I bring a story to life.

In remastering the series I drew attention to the uniqueness of this series.  But there is writing life outside of it, including other sci-fi books.

As I move on from this remastering project which included the release of Lessons From The Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army, I can focus on the process and how blessedly different it is from MA.

What If?  Many writers talk about stories coming from the simple question What if?  I don’t think I have ever gotten inspiration this way.

Showing You A World You Never Knew Existed.  By far the most common source of inspiration for my work is simple observation of the world around me.  As I have had a unique life filled with equally unique people and experiences, I’ve never been short on material to draw from.

Still Life.  Beginning in April 2007 as I was struggling to understand the mysterious illness plaguing my health and my ability to write, a new method for finding inspiration appeared on the creative landscape:  An image would appear on my mental screen.  

As a clairvoyant I am used to suddenly seeing things so it was instinctive for me to zero in on the image in order to better understand the message the universe was sending me.  In that particular instance it was two individuals in close proximity in a cabin.  I didn’t recognize either of them or the cabin but I was intrigued.  Why were they so uncomfortable with each other?  As I delved more deeply into what I was being shown I realized it was an opportunity to create a story and though I did end up publishing the book which was part of the Hangover series I pulled it.

I tried the remastering technique but never could get it to a point I was happy with it so I just pulled it.

Though this method for finding inspiration went on the back burner it eventually showed up again.

It took a hiatus behind – among other things – a nonfiction career focused on EMF Sensitivity.

Most recently as I was wrapping  up the Metatron’s Army remastering project and pondering what I might work on next an image appeared in my mind.  

I was thrilled as I was having a bit of difficulty getting focused on new material.

I studied the image – a male character in a very specific location – and allowed information to surface.

  • Who was he?

Not a name so much as where does he come from?  What does he do for a living?  Where does he call home?  Who are his friends?  What is his objective?  What are his strengths?  What are his fears? 

  • What is he doing there?
  • Where is there?
  • Is he alone?

Who else is in the picture and who is in the story but not in the picture?

Though the inspiration may come from something other than an image popping onto my visual screen the process of developing out the story regardless of the genre follows along that trajectory.

I fill in the details including supporting cast and subplots in the course of writing the story.

The Series and the Stories.  While Metatron’s Army as a series was written in the form where each of the 13 books represents a chapter in Cirhce’s life there are other stories connected to the series that are self-contained.  One of my favorites is Metatron’s Legacy which was written in the space of three weeks between Pin and Bind, books 8 and 9 in the main series.

Chronicles and upcoming books will also be self-contained stories attached to the series.

Sci-Fi.  Though time travel and multiple dimensions are a central theme to a lot of my sci-fi material, the other series which include Dragon Core, Ghost Games, and Colony, are nothing like Metatron’s Army in their style.

Each of the books in Ghost Games is self-contained as are those in Dragon Core though those stories which are urban fantasy/sci-fi are related.  Colony is a mix of both.

Though I enjoyed remastering Metatron’s Army and releasing Lessons From the Edge, I’m happy to get back to regular normally inspired sci-fi.


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