To anyone familiar with the Metatron’s Army Saga, how it came to be, it will be no surprise that I have a number of powerful memories that evoke physical responses when I walk back through them.

For those who want to learn more, I suggest reading Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Though the events that gave birth to the science fiction saga are traumatic I incorporated a number of elements that bring a variety of positive responses.

Berkeley, Michigan.  Though I never lived here I have a number of fond memories of Berkeley, Michigan from restaurants to the movie theatre, and most notably, time spent with a friend.**

That she and I played video games in the breezeway of a bar became the inspiration for Old Garfield’s- Christine’s time there.

Whenever I think back to the scenes in Advantage which have Berkeley, Michigan as a focus, my whole body smiles.

Just so many good memories.  

Non-Berkeley In Berkeley.  Not everything was in Berkeley.  While Sila’s was in Berkeley, The Redcoat Tavern was not.

Neither was another key location.

The diner where Christine and Xavier share spaghetti which was not located in Berkeley, has a special significance in my life.  It was a place my  mom and I used to go when I was in high school and it’s a place where my husband and I went when we were dating.  Each of us was familiar with the place and had our favorites.  Mine was – of course – spaghetti.

It reminded me of my maternal grandma’s.

Not much of a dessert person I don’t recall ever having had their apple pie.

Ala mode as Xavier orders it.

Was. Not Is.  As the diner played such a powerful role in my life I was eager to visit during a recent trip to my old haunt.

Pun intended.

 Just one problem.  Like Sila’s, the place was closed.

Presumably a victim of Covid.

Beyond surprised, it was nonetheless a total thrill to stand there and gaze upon a place that gave me so many heart-warming – literally – memories.

Every time I think of the associations I get a warm happy feeling.

This is what it’s like to have a story living inside of you.

** I can never repay the love this beautiful soul showered on me in the aftermath of the brain surgery. 

She was only nine at the time.  I doubt she could truly comprehend it all anymore than I could at ten but she gave me complete and total acceptance -shaved head and horrendous limp and all – nonetheless.

Fun fact.  It was because of spending the night at her house I discovered a key EMF Sensitivity remedy – heavy metal music!  Long live AC/DC’s Back In Black!

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