From the Edge: 2

Though I will not be posting daily about the development and publication of Covenant I will start with a post about how there’s no such thing as a typical day.

Prep Work.  I’ve written previously that I like to have playlists for the novels I work on.  This evolved from the fact music played such a big role in Advantage and then later Metatron’s Army stories as it became a way of anchoring Christine while she traversed one challenge after another including multiple universes and timelines.

 I posted that Kiss You All Over is currently part of the Covenant playlist.  That doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there.  

I just happen to like the beat.

It’s an older song that has been in my library since I heard it while on the escalator outside Jimbo’s in San Diego.  

I hadn’t heard it since the 70s when I attended a wedding reception.

It originally played a role in Her Sanctuary but I jettisoned it as it was too cheesy for the main character.

I cut the scene that went with it.

I threw together a playlist for Covenant that has a few vocalized songs like Billy Joel’s Pressure along with several instrumental pieces by Hi-Finesse.

I don’t always listen to the playlists while writing but it’s nice to know they can anchor me to the story if I need to focus.  Which leads me to…

I don’t always wake up ready to write.  

I have a number of tricks to get me going in the morning including listening to music that may or may not be on a playlist as well as writing something other than the manuscript.

Typically an email or an Event Horizon session.

I recently purchased a small whiteboard to help me prioritize tasks.  I decided to go this route because I was working on three projects simultaneously.

The Isle of Future Past, Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal,and  Wine Music & Ghosts.

As of this morning it has the following


  • Book Cover
  • Landing Page
  • 2 Blogs

I already posted the blogs so that will come off.  I have rudiments of a cover and believe that will be finished by the end of the week.  As for the landing page…not sure yet.  I typically do them after the final draft is finished.  However, since I have a strong handle on the plot I may do this one differently and write the back of book description before the manuscript is finished.

And Writing?

When it comes to writing, throughout the years one thing has been consistent.  When I get an idea?  I write it down immediately.

I will scramble for paper, napkins, anything I can get my hands on to put down chicken scratch so I don’t lose the thread.

Because of this I actually have a good deal of the book started.

Over 50 pages.

I got to work on it the moment the idea for a future book came into mind which was before, incidentally, the idea for Covenant came into being.

I actually had an idea for 3 future standalone and two additional Chronicles books.

This hasn’t given me a false sense of security.  I know I need to get on the manuscript soon but two things come into play:

Know Thy Style.  I know that once I get into the manuscript I’ll be productive enough to meet any deadlines.

I can kick out 5 – 15K a day when I’m deep in it.

Know Thy Plot.  I’m still working out a few key details, not the least of which is that two of the standalone books are being combined into Covenant which will set up for one of the follow on standalones.

Until I have the details ironed out I’m going to hold back from editing the manuscript I have.

I do have the advantage that the opening scene is going to remain.  I don’t need to redo it.

I’ll spend whatever time it takes allowing the details of the plot twists to surface before hitting the keyboard full force.

This typically consists of relaxing the mind and allowing mental movies to float across the mental screen.

It’s possible that spending so much time in a meditative state is what allows me to feel so relaxed about the process.

I will post more as things are pulled together.

Stay tuned!

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Post Note: When I pulled the curtains back this morning the scene (the color of the sky visible through trees that lost all their leaves) perfectly matched the opening scene for this book! I stood at the window and studied it carefully so I can do it justice when putting in the description.

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