From the Edge: Part 1

It’s quite the undertaking, working on a Metatron’s Army story after all this time.  

Metatron’s Legacy, though it takes place 20 years after the series ends and is a standalone novel, was written in the space of a month before Promotion, Book 11 in the series was even finished.

It was closer to 2 1/2 weeks of manic productivity.

To celebrate this effort I’ve decided to treat readers to something different:  

A Peek Into the Process.

Similar to articles under my Bringing a Story to Life these posts which will primarily appear on, will take readers into 

  • How the story came to be

Different than any of the previous novels in the series

  • How the process is different than that which created Metatron’s Army

Significantly different than how the series was created

  • How I go about Bringing a Story to Life

A glimpse into how I pull it all together

As this is the inaugural piece I will post it to both and

Though the follow-ons for Covenant will primarily be on the MA site, I may cross post to


Without Further Ado.

Another one?  I’m a writer but I’m a reader too.  

I can take out a 250 page novel in 8 hours or less.  I love reading!

I have followed various series, some of which – like bad movie sequels – should never have been done, and others for which I’m still hoping the author will do just one more!  All of this went into the brain pan when considering what I would do after Adjudication, the final in the original Metatron’s Army series.

Metatron’s Legacy was like the steam release on first generation pressure cookers.

Muse Enter Stage Left.  I detail the creation of the Metatron’s Army series in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Legacy so I won’t go into it here.

btw:  I’m listening to Kiss You All Over which is on the Covenant iTunes playlist.  Hey… it’s part of the process.

I was winding down the series when “the dude” who was an integral part of the creation of the series put in an appearance.

He’d already showed up while I was working on Bind, Book 9 in the series, demanding that I solve a mathematical equation shown/given to me during the NDE.**

Like I said – it’s part of the process.  

Elizabeth Maxim, the writer.

The message he brought as I was finishing up the series?

Which began with Promotion:  Book 11, incidentally.

“Take It Back!” 

He all but shouted it at me!

I was confused but this guy doesn’t mince words so I went into soul-searching mode in an effort to understand.

He literally meant the series.  Take it back!

I was able to do so with the follow-up work though the process took a few years and was interrupted by life, ghosts, health issues.

Typical Elizabeth Maxim.

When I released Adjudication I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Not triumph but accomplishment.

I was busy with career decisions and into heavy research for Dragon Core so it was relatively easy to set the series aside.

And then…

Covid was just putting in an appearance when all my creative forces went on high alert.

For a variety of reasons I knew the doo-doo was about to hit the fan.

I went into super creative mode.

I kicked out four books in the space of a few months.  

Part of this was to keep myself sane in a lockdown and part was to give people something to take their mind off what they couldn’t control.  

God knows reading has saved my life during stressful times!  

I lay in bed one night when an image popped into my mind.  I’d shoved Metatron’s Army to the back burner to work on Ghost GamesDragon Core, and Colony, so it was kind of a surprise.

I’d always intended to add to the Chronicles subset for the series so I knew I wasn’t finished with it.

The Kicker.

I try not to work on projects that don’t live in my soul.  

For me, this means they burn as they try to fight their way out and in so doing keep me up at night.

For months.

That this entered into my sphere of awareness as I was in the midst of all this other stuff?  I had a decision to make.

I was in no state of mind to go back to that series.

By now we were in full lockdown with school and work at home and though I’d been working from home for 26 years …

I shoved it to the back burner.


**I will be revealing just what was in this equation and the story behind it in the future.

Stay Tuned!

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