Sitting here on Christmas Eve working through the opening scene for Covenant: Prodigal Son.  

Dinner’s a few hours away – Irish stew that’s been in the crock pot – and preparations for tomorrow are such that I have the time.

The trick with this novel is not complex so much as distracting.  

Whereas the holiday preparations – for a change – aren’t.

I might be inclined to be concerned with the slow pace with which this is progressing if it weren’t for the fact that 1) I am making progress and 2) this story kept me up for weeks 1 1/2 years ago.

The challenge, in part, is reconnecting to that level while distracted with holiday preparations.  

Trouble Shoot.  Asking myself what was I thinking – positive mind you – and feeling – aren’t doing it.  So I went at it from a different perspective.

What is the primary element I’m trying to draw out?

For the reader but more importantly, for myself.

As I’ve shared, with readers, passion is a big thing in my world.

What someone is passionate about isn’t as important  as the idea they are passionate – about something.

There are a number of species in the Metatron’s Army series and though most are passionate they exhibit that passion differently.  Ryn, for example, flaunts passion whereas Verix is judicious about allowing others to see it’s there, if simmering beneath the surface.

As one of my aunt’s used to say – still waters run deep.

After careful thought I decided I would take the opportunity with the three Covenant novels to highlight different passions by telling events through the eyes of species who experience and display those passions differently.

Whereas one species might use fighting as a way to leach passion, another may use intimacy.

Making this choice freed up creative energy and the story is once again moving forward.

Though the opening scene is proving a bit like the way old magneto-drives recorded data where the arm went back and forth across the surface repeatedly, depositing data at random.

All in all I would have to say Covenant: Prodigal Son is on track.

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Happy Holidays!

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