A Story in Any Order

Happy 2022!

Working on Covenant: Prodigal Son has been both joy and challenge.  

Definitely an adventure.

Interestingly, the trick isn’t concern over integrating it into the series so much as knowing this installment is part of a larger story.  

A tale that was originally going to be multiple smaller works.

It means, among other considerations, I need to be aware of the order of events.

The objective is to set up for the next book.

I have multiple sections that could be used as an opening scene and while each would work, each creates a different story.  

It was kind of cool to realize that the different chapters could each be a chapter 1.

I may end up cutting one or more scenes entirely or pushing them to a future book.

As is typical when working on something in the background, I put scenes that grabbed me into files with relevant names.

i.e. Verix rescue**. SonahcorusARS.

Now I find myself looking at the different files and seeing I can integrate them in a number of ways.

And each will work.

To help sort through it all I use mental movies to play out each possibility.

Letting the unconscious mind tell me the story.

I’m always fascinated by the process of watching scenes play out.

As it is similar to a meditative state it can be very relaxing, making it an ideal exercise before bed.

I’m often pleasantly surprised by what pops out of the mental movie vault.

More than once I found myself thinking “Wow, I hadn’t thought to do that.  That is really cool!”

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Nothing about Metatron’s Army has been typical.

Though it’s certainly been educational on multiple levels.

For now, I’m content with how things are progressing.

Even as I’m planning future projects.

Stay Tuned!

**This file contained notes on a plot device that never ended up in the series, instead evolving into something else entirely. Such is the way it goes.

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