As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a lot of novels in the queue.

Including novels that are part of the Metatron’s Army series.

Two of the novels are partly finished.  

And yet…

As I wrote, I’m not going to publish them until I’m satisfied with the work.

I take a lot of pride in this series.

Part of the challenge before me is which aspect of the series to focus on.

And how to best support that aspect.

There are a number of characters I want front and center but exactly how to do that is something I haven’t worked out yet.

I could make them a main character, giving them their own story, or I could have them as a strong supporting character for someone else’s.

As I was sitting here sipping espresso and rereading Bind: Book 9 in the series it occurred to me I’ve the option of filling in the parental gap.

This is one of my very favorite books in the series, along with Metatron’s Legacy.  Interestingly, both were written at the same time, May 2019.

Specifically, I could bring Lor, Christine’s birth mother, front and center.  There’s just one problem.  She was never part of the original storyline.  

Not in a meaningful way.

As I sat here pondering that truth I realized I would not be doing either the character or myself as a writer justice if I went that route.

It would be disingenuous.

I would not be honoring the original storyline.

Which is very personal to me.

On that note…

If you can believe…

While I’ve threaded various aspects of the NDE – what I saw and experienced – throughout the series, highlighting some of the more impactful aspects – there is more to the story!

As if locked within the cliffs of a canyon, these aspects began pushing their way out, tiny pebbles rolling down the rock face – harbingers of what was to come –  while I was writing Bind.

For example…

As I write in Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army, while working on Bind, I was asked to solve an equation shown to me during the NDE.

I will be sharing details in the not-too-distant future, as part of the upcoming project.

The idea for Lessons From the Edge came about as I was writing Bind and Legacy but I set it aside.

I think this was those pebbles tripping down the face of the canyon, subtle and quiet enough I was able to ignore what they represented.

How I ended up circling back around to it – years later – is detailed in Lessons From the Edge.

In the ensuing years, I continued putting down plot lines for a number of stories that would fall under the Metatron’s Army universe.

Some in Chronicles, others just MA.

I released a number of books along the way.

Port Gallatan, Dragon Core, Colony, and Ghost Games.

And then I fell into what I’m calling Writer’s No-Man’s Land.  As I was fighting my way out of that“the rest of the story” pushed small rocks down the rock face.

It started slowly, the sound of them bouncing their way toward the bottom of the canyon more forceful then the pebbles, making it harder to ignore.

Within the past week the rocks became boulders, falling away to reveal details I’d either forgotten or hadn’t thought about in decades.

Since high school when I began working on the fictional story that helped me sort out one of the more challenging events of my life.

It’s as if some unseen force was holding this stuff for safe keeping until I was ready.

Unlike in those early years, I now have the [math and science] education and experience to understand.

 It’s difficult to quantify how education and experience, including experience with EMF Sensitivity, has factored into preparing me for next steps.

Not to mention my constant tango with the paranormal aspects of my life post-NDE.

What I do know is that this revelation will ensure I remain loyal to the original story.

Even as I introduce new characters; characters who were part of the original story but who were cut for one reason or another.

I look forward to sharing the continuing journey of Metatron’s Army with readers.

Stay tuned!


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