Part of what I’m calling Project Happy entailed adding a few meaningful images to my work space.

So I can gaze at them when I need a smile.

One of the images does a bit more.  It gives me a jolt.

And brings with it a bit of awe.

As I detail in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army, this series has paranormal roots.

Story of my life.

The image I have in a frame – a photo NASA put out years ago – underscores not just the paranormal theme but Metatron’s role in it.

Who are you?

Though I was aware of a celestial presence (on and off) with me since the brain hemorrhage, it wasn’t until February 2021 that I understood who or what it was.

This week one year ago!

The Illusionary Plane.

The inspiration for this MA plot device came from what I call Spirit School.

Details can be found in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.

The Corporate Black Hole

To put context into this bit, I’m going to share the definition of a black hole:

A black hole is a cosmic body of extremely intense gravity from which even light cannot escape.  Black holes usually cannot be observed directly, but they can be observed by the effects of their enormous gravitational fields on nearby matter.

In the case of the Corporate Black Hole, the effects were observed both through experiencing and observing the experience of stress on the rank and file.

Help Is Here.

It was 1994 and I, along with more than a few colleagues, was being pulled toward that black hole point of no return.

And suffering for it, psychologically and physically.

Ulcer anyone?  Migraines?  Nightmares?

I watched colleagues have heart attacks and get Bell’s Palsy.

Some cancelled plans to get married, have children, buy a home or car.

It was traumatic on every level.

One night, rather than going toward another nightmare, I was brought to Spirit School.

Where the celestial entity finally introduced himself.

While the entire “dream” was incredible, part of it truly stood out.

This dream was so impactful I wrote it down immediately upon waking up.

Excerpt:  I jumped out, the fire in the horizon blazing and its heat searing me immediately.  Then, the wind, that inevitable wind that came when the planets approached began to blow.

I stood on the surface, my eyes squinting against the powerful wind.  As I saw Saturn approach us, Neptune close on its heels, I momentarily felt panic.  However, I stood up and the planet rotated dangerously close.  It remained in close proximity for a moment and then moved on.  Right behind it, Neptune rolled in and remained in orbit so close.  The amount of time which passed will forever remain unknown to me.  Nor will I ever be able to recall what was said to me but somehow a communication came to me from the planet.  It was neither warning nor disgust.  If anything I seem to remember pity.  Then the planet was gone and the wind and the night were again high.

To this day, if I think about it, I can feel that hot wind.

Burned in some sort of physiological memory.

I am not sharing the segments that detail Metatron.

The things he had to tell me are personal and relevant only to me and my life at that point.

I will say he was a bit over 6 feet with dark hair and incredible intensity.

And came across having the bearing of a soldier.

What’s In a Name?

He did not give me his real name.


My guess?  He knew it would cause more problems.

At that point in my life?  I had enough to deal with.

It wasn’t until I was working on Bind: Book 9 in the series that I figured out the entity I’d been calling “the dude” was the celestial being that came to me in one of the darkest periods of my life.

A relatively short time later I put it together he was Metatron.

Though I didn’t accept it until after Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Radio contacted me about doing an interview about Metatron and Metatron’s Army for his show.


In 2016, as I was working on Bishop Pair: 2nd in the series, I was doing a bit of online research when I came upon a press release put out by NASA.  My stomach went cold as I looked at my Dreamscape.

I immediately grabbed it, printed it and set it as my desktop background.

It now sits in a frame on a nearby shelf, both as inspiration and a testament that light can find a way into the darkest places.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed.jpg

Black hole gravity notwithstanding.


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