I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.

Albeit a productive one.

Though I began by read/editing Bishop Pair, I stopped in order to attend an online class.

Then went back to the manuscript.

I was in the process of read/editing the Lecture on Time when I got the urge [read: demand] to write the Here Comes the Sun post.

After which I returned to the passage.

One part jumped out at me.

And I knew that once again I would be putting fingers to keyboard for a post.

Deciding to do it later this afternoon or evening I went back to the manuscript.  I didn’t get very far.

This time, one of the – um – helpers around me – said, “Well?  Aren’t you going to write that post?”

I projected that yes, I will.


Apparently, this helper believes later needs to be now.  As I sat trying to continue read/editing the manuscript he decided to put in an appearance.


It startled me to see him standing not too far from my desk – to the left and about four feet away.

I went back to the manuscript only to have him appear again.

Startling me again.

After the third time I gave up.

I am, however, going to wait til this afternoon to post it**.

What jumped out about the passage was how completely I’d internalized it as a result of the pandemic.

There’s More.

This particular concept has been in the back of my mind for a couple of days.

For a reason that, in context, might be considered a coincidence.

I recently got notice that an individual liked one of my posts.  It was an earlier post, from months ago.  After a couple days more I decided to reread it.  What I wrote about has echoes of what the lecturer is talking about in this passage.

From the passage:

“So, what are we to do?  How can we possibly hope to reconnect to the very essence that defines us, and we must for it dictates our well-being.  And yet if we step outside of socially accepted time we are cast adrift, reduced to that state when we are no longer able to know our place in the world.  Without being able to relate to those living around us we are once again alone.

Doesn’t that sound like how so many of us felt when being locked down during the pandemic? I know I did. 

So much so that I blogged about it.


This is typical of the energy flow of my life.

The celestial entwining itself with the physical.

As I said, I have a feeling working with “the dude” after a brief hiatus is going to be quite the adventure.

**My original intent was to post this much later but I’m being “encouraged” [read hassled] to post it now.  As I want to get back to it, I’m going to go with the flow and do so.

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