Listening to Taylor Dane’s I’ll Be Your Shelter and working on Zwischenzug

3rd in the Metatron’s Army series.

As usual, multiple things are going through my mind.

  • A piece of my youth employment -Oakland Hills Country Club – burning
  • Energies being ripped open while/because of working on this series
  • Anticipation of a visit with a friend this evening.

This is the new friend I’ve written about previously.

A good friend all the same.

The tie of this friend to Metatron’s Army is a knife in the gut, not because it’s bad. 

Synchronicity, that eerie reminder this series has its roots in the paranormal.

Making it a validation of – me.

Or, maybe more accurately, my trusting – as I always have – in the process.

I once asked “the dude” why?  Why me?  He said “Because you never rejected me.” 

A few months back, my friend and her hubby were over.  During the flow of conversation, it came out that in high school, she’d gone to him for succor. My immediate response?  “Oh my god, that’s like Shane and Christine!”

They smiled, albeit uncertainly, after which I said, “Metatron’s Army.  That’s what Christine does!”

Given their expressions, it was clear they didn’t fully understand.

I told them the story, pointed out they are heroes to me.  

For delivering that validation.

A thumbs’ up from the universe.

Though I tried to explain I think I made them a bit nervous.

We’d never met before this past year.  Their actions had nothing to do with that scene.

As I was going through the book, listening to a soundtrack created for this exercise, my mind kept drifting to various paranormal energies surrounding me.

No coincidence there.  It’s my life, after all.

When Taylor Dane’s voice came over the headphones I jolted, brought back to that “coincidence.”

More?  I was brought back to my own escapes during times of darkness.  Or, more specifically, to the guy who played the protective knight.

This was years before I knew my husband and unlike in the book, I did not date this guy.

I didn’t go to Prom with him either.

Like Christine with Shane, however, his being there when I needed him is nothing short of heroic.

To me.

I’ve written I will be rereleasing a book on surviving child abuse.

That experience I draw from when writing, ya?

I was in high school.

A particularly dark period of that saga.

Fed up with being hit, I stormed out of the townhouse.

It was summer break.  I was 15.

I ran to the first person I could think of – the person my heart knew would keep me safe.

Needless to say, he was a bit surprised to see me at his door.

The apartment where he lived with his folks.

I stammered as I tried to explain why I was there.  Without a word, he put his arm around me and guided me to his dining room.

Where several guys I went to high school with were sitting.

Without a word he sat and pulled me into his lap.

I was shaking.  I’d never done anything like this – standing up for myself like that.

There was dead silence.

I wanted to disappear.

I didn’t know these guys beyond seeing some of them at the bus stop. 

Though my friend was, none of them were in any of my classes.

Beyond uncomfortable, I started to get up but he held me in place.  And spoke.

He introduced me then proceeded to explain they were playing Axis and Allies.

And kept me in his lap, his arm around me the entire time.

The guys – who many people today would describe as nerds – were welcoming.  No one said anything disparaging.

Though they had to be confused, not the least because of seeing this young guy – their friend – holding me in his lap with his arm around me, explaining the rudiments of the game.

At one point my friend drew me to his room and asked, “Do you need to stay the night?  You can stay on the couch. I can talk to my dad.  He’ll understand.”  

He went on to explain his dad hadn’t had an easy life either.

Though I didn’t stay I will never forget this knight in high school armor who was there for me.

Ironically, he wasn’t the inspiration for Shane.

The inspiration for Shane is a guy I did not date but who who crossed my path at Spanky’s in Waterford.


A guy whose parents died, he joined the marines after high school.

A senior, he lived alone in his Berkley house after his mom died of cancer, his older sister having custody in spite of not living with him.

This is some of that experience that goes into my stories. 

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