Typing with a band-aid on your index finger is no fun.

In spite of the annoyance I’d say I’ve had a pretty awesome start to the day!

What a Dream!

I have long had a powerful relationship to dreams.

For anyone interested, Robert Moss has some amazing books that deal with this subject.

My favorite is The Three “Only” Things:  Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidences, and Imagination

 This morning I had a dream that truly brought a smile and got me out of bed ready for adventure!

Chasing down one of the elements in the dream.

In one part of the dream I was walking down a beach lined with palm trees.  I glanced down to see cantaloupes scattered on the beach.

As opposed to coconuts

It occurred to me that I was potentially in danger of being hit on the head by one if it fell while I was walking beneath it.  Looking up I saw that sure enough, there was fruit.

Though it was a cantaloupe, not a coconut.

I put my hands protectively over my head but continued on the walk.  

I was happy on this beautiful tropical beach walking along the ocean.

I hadn’t gone but a few steps when a cantaloupe fell – just behind me.

It didn’t hit me but I kept my hands over my head.

A second one fell – just behind me and I realized – as I became aware that I was dreaming – that the fruit was being dropped for me to have.

I stopped, turned around and saw someone I recognized standing behind me.  I looked down to see the cantaloupe that had just fallen rocking a bit.  This other person went to reach for it but I said, “That’s for me.”

“It’s mine.”

This person, who is related to me – it’s a dream – was gracious about my taking this gift.

And I knew it was a gift.

The dream location switches and this person – who is a family member – and I are in a department store.


At one point I came upon books on a shelf.

Paperbacks being sold as a promotion.

They were about obtaining goals.

I picked up the book – and said, “Oh, this is the author who wrote Writing on Both Sides of the Brain!”

Which I’ve never read.  I have, however, read Write It Down Make It Happen, which is a fantastic book!

Suddenly a different family member – one connected to the basket – appeared and snatched the book from me.

He examined it, the idea being he would decide whether or not it was appropriate for me.

I took the book back and said “I don’t need you to get this for me.  I’m capable of getting it myself.”

The essence of it was far deeper.  I could feel I was asserting myself against this person’s supposed authority and in doing so before the other family member wass reclaiming my power.

Two for two in my opinion.

I was still in line to buy the book when I woke up but before I did I made sure to take a good look at the title and the cover art.

I’ve been poking around Amazon this morning.  I think – ironically – it’s her other book – Put Your Heart on Paper that was on the shelf in the dream.  Though the copy I saw on Amazon looks slightly different – I’ve seen this book – years ago. That older one has a cover that matches the book in the dream.

It wasn’t the book itself that made the biggest impact.  While I was standing in line holding it I read the back cover.  It laid out step-by-step instructions – for me.

It was a personal message – what I need to do to achieve my writing goals! 

The family member who is responsible for some of what is in that basket passed on some years back.  That he was standing there was transformative in that upon my asserting myself he backed down.

And stood quietly as I waited to buy the book, all the while rereading what was on the back cover so I would remember it.

What a cool way to start a day!


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