Note: Another long entry

I can say one thing with certainty.  My [psi] life is never dull!

Not long after beginning to paw my way through that basket I began having some of the most bizarre dreams.

This morning’s nocturnal activity went one farther.  Spirit School!

I’ve written about this unique experience in-depth in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens when We Die.

This phenomenon is the inspiration for the Illusionary plane in the Metatron’s Army Series.

It’s a “non-location” using the dream state where Christine meets up with Light Beings when they want to teach here concepts not available through traditional education.

To date, these experiences happen just prior to waking up.  They are always lucid because whatever celestial being is guiding me through the lesson wants me to 

  • Know I’m in Spirit School
  • Have an interactive conversation
  • Remember what the lesson is

In general I become aware I’m being told something so I pay close attention to whatever is going on in the dream, noting who might be in it and any other details.  I then meet up with the celestial being overseeing the lesson to discuss the dream and tell him what I got from the lesson before stepping through a door and waking up.

This morning was a little unique.  I became aware of the celestial being getting my attention by telling me to “wake up” though I wasn’t awake.  The moment I became aware I was in Spirit School a light shone down from above.

Golden, conical shaped.

Obviously I was supposed to watch the space illuminated.  There was a minor shaking – like an earthquake – and I became aware of a large sheet of ice.  Cracks began spreading through the sheet – likely as a result of the earthquake – and it began to sheer away.

I noticed when the first part fell away that it was several inches thick.

The remaining sections, weakened by the quake, continued sliding away until it was completely gone.  The celestial being advised me not to be concerned about the loss.  He said, “I’m removing a false floor so you can stand on your own foundation which was beneath.”  I then noticed solid cement.

It had been obscured by the thick layer of ice; ice that had a bit of dirt in it. Red in color, it might have been iron-rich soil? It was too crumbly to be clay.

I spent a few minutes transitioning into full wake.

After assuring the spirit guide that yes, I understood and wasn’t afraid. He seemed adamant I not be afraid, likely why he “woke me” before the dream quake.

He seemed concerned I would be upset by the fact that something I thought was real was being taken away from me.

I wasn’t.

He remained with me through the transition to assure himself I was okay.

I am. I knew when I set this basket stuff in motion my life was going to change.

A holistic healer I am more than aware it’s necessary to let go of the old to make way for the new.

While I was putting on jeans and my Metatron’s Army t-shirt, my eyes were drawn to the bed.  The place where I’d been sleeping seemed energetically different and I thought back over the process of coming awake that morning.  I definitely had the sense the celestial guide was still around, keeping an eye on me.  

This particular Spirit School lesson was definitely affecting my entire body though in a good way. I went down to make coffee in preparation for the day.

Pouring it into the Metatron’s Army mug.

I tried to get started but my mind kept drifting. It’s been awhile since I was in Spirit School, to the degree I missed it because it’s always interesting and I learn quite a bit.

And it gives a sense I matter.  That someone or something is looking out for my interests if not my welfare.

I definitely appreciated this morning’s celestial visit – the message – and told him so.

To Work. After finishing this future blog entry I set it aside figuring I would determine later how I would integrate it into a post.

I already had one in the queue.

Or To Not Work. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.  My whole body is feeling the effects of this visit and while there is a strong feeling of relief, I’m very distracted.

By the sense of relief.

I continued working on the Metatron’s Army Reboot project but my mind kept drifting.

Or, more accurately, my body.  I feel a lot of relief in the solar plexus area.

As I sat thinking how soothing it is to be working on something that has been such an indelible part of my life I realized I had my segue into the blog I wrote yesterday!

Without further ado…

 Back To Work.

Written yesterday.

As I’m going through the beginning of Pawn Storm, Book 6 in the Metatron’s Army series I see where I really nailed it in letting the story unfold, each book a chapter in the heroine’s life.

For more on how and why I approached the series, see Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Whereas some of the books hold more emotion than others, each does its job when it comes to filling in the pieces for readers.

And an author rereading it with fresh eyes.

I’ve mentioned how the process of “renovating” the books has enabled me to see how I’ve evolved as a writer.  It’s also a way to see where my head was at when, beginning in 2016, I put fingers to keyboard.

I’ve come to see three distinct things

  • I was on autopilot
  • I was leading the reader
  • I was typing a mile a minute

Autopilot.  I was about halfway through Simultaneous Display when I realized I didn’t remember the depth with which I wrote.

From the heart and soul as I worked to get what was inside since August 6, 1979 out.

I was drawn into the characters’ pain as if it were my own – for the first time.  It made me see that I was little more than a conduit as some source expressed itself.

Tell Not Show.  Other than typos the biggest mistakes – mistakes I corrected previously – were that I was giving too much information.  Instead of the infamous show don’t tell I was doing the opposite.

I knew it was a bad habit I had at one point but I did correct it some time ago.  Damn sync’ing error!

Cringing turned to amusement as I systematically went through fixing that mistake.


Flying Fingers.  The typos would have made me cringe were I not keenly aware of hours spent hunched over a keyboard.

Being the conduit.

For months then years as I wrote and published a plethora of books – 15 in the MA series alone.

I’m definitely happy with how things are progressing.

Though I’m ready to move on to the next project.

Stay tuned.

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