Listening to Tears for Fears and successfully  winding my way through the Metatron’s Army Reboot project.

Tears for Fears is one of several groups that contributed to the musical backdrop of the series.  Revisiting old playlists along with a few new ones dedicated to this project has been fun.

I recently discovered – to my delight – that it was only the first few manuscripts that were messed up.

Previously corrected versions were somehow lost making it so the messed up versions were reissued as corrected, something I’m still looking into.

The past few manuscripts have revealed minimal need for editing.

Only one misspelled word in the previous one!

And yet I’m taking the opportunity to tighten things up.

And making great progress since these versions are in good condition!

At this rate I’ll be finished with the project by the end of the week.

As I’m going through the books, I’m discovering I left Easter Eggs in there!

These would be separate from the specifics I saw and experienced during the NDE that are part of the plot.

I mentioned previously I now see that I was more or less a conduit by which the Muse/Source/Dude pried information out.

Fingers to keyboard the books cascaded, one after another, letter by letter, word by word.

In rereading the series with fresh eyes I’ve become aware of a cadence.  I also saw pieces that are particularly meaningful to me.

Though that wasn’t a conscious intent.

One is in the manuscript I’m working currently, Dark Bishop: Book 7 in the series:

“You have no idea what I can and cannot see.”  She didn’t bother going into her ability to see geometric patterns, an ability she’d had as long as she could remember.

I sat staring at the passage and mentally reviewing the incident when I was in Geometry in high school and a series of numbers and symbols cascaded into my mind courtesy of the Dude.

Very disconcerting.

It made me think the Dude wanted me to recognize his mark in my life.

So when he showed up to work on the story – that same year – I would know him.

As I’ve written in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die and Lessons From the Edge: An Authors Guide to Metatron’s Army  those images and equations were first seen during the NDE.

I will be exploring this in more depth, revealing my findings along with a boatload of other material in the upcoming nonfiction project.  

Later in the same book I came across this which was more or less detailing something real:

“I have always had the ability to see geometric patterns,” she explained.  “I can see the molecular level of quite a few substances.  I’d been working with – I’d been studying the energetic construct of the dimensions and the gates.  The pattern is identical to the image carved into the ivory.”

The image on the ivory is Metatron’s Cube.

There’s a whole bit about my reaction to that when I first saw it in an Internet search on Metatron immediately prior to publishing After Here.  Shock doesn’t begin to explain how I felt seeing something I recognized from the NDE, something I’d never seen before outside the NDE.

I followed the thought – that it was a marker to recognize the Dude later – and considered that I will soon be rereading one of my favorite books in the series, Bind.

Book 9.

If someone asked why my immediate response would be that I liked the plot twists I put in that book.  Now that I’ve seen a trail of Easter Eggs?  I am going to see if there isn’t something deeper going on.

Something unconscious.

I wouldn’t be surprised.  It was during the writing of this book that the Dude made an appearance – literally next to my desk while I was working on it – and demanded I solve an equation I’d been working on off and on for the previous twenty some years.

An equation with plenty of geometric symbols in it.

While I will be sharing what I discovered as part of that nonfiction project I will give a bit of detail here.  I made significant progress understanding the nature of the equation beginning when I was 19.  

Something told me it was time to figure it out.

I was working at DEC, finishing school at night.  Working with networking technology must have woken something up because pieces of the equation began pushing their way to the surface.

I scribbled the pieces down and showed them to a trusted colleague who explained it was calculus.  Oy.

At first I simply meditated on what I’d written, hoping to drag more scraps out of my subconscious.

Where, out of self-defense, I’d buried details of the NDE.

It wasn’t long after I made a significant step forward.  I was in the bathroom in my first apartment about to open the wood door when I noticed I could see the molecules of the door – moving.

I’ve written how I’ve been able to detect these molecules since at least 7 when I first noticed them in the table I was polishing with lemon oil.  Interestingly, both surfaces were wood.

In order to better perceive the molecules – I wanted to understand what I was seeing so I could describe it to the trusted friend who had not gone on the attack after hearing my NDE story – I defocused my eyes and allowed my instinct to guide me.  Within seconds more pieces of the equation began falling into place.  Unfortunately, I became excited to the degree I “snapped out of it” before I could make significant progress.

Though I tried on a couple of repeat sessions my life, thanks to other people’s drama, had careened into chaos and I had to set it aside.

Details are in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.

I will be sharing additional information in the months and years to come.  In the meantime, I am anxious to see if I can find any more Easter Eggs.

Stay tuned.

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