Note:  This will be a shorter post.

With the sun warming my back I’m making my way through Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Army Series Reboot project.  

I am enjoying reading with fresh eyes.

From the Book of Life.

There’s a scene where Christine is at the Warehouse bar with Dacan.  The plot device between them was inspired by a real life experience.

I was working at HP.  My team was on a business trip to Fort Collins, Colorado.

We took a major customer there so they could get a tour of the nearby facility.

The night before we all flew out the sales team took us to C. B. & Potts for dinner and a bit of destressing after an intense working session.

Where most of us  – working on finalizing the global supply chain solution that would address their needs  – were up past 2am multiple nights and 4am that day.  

I was at the bar with a colleague who was flying off to a customer the next day.  He offered to buy me a shot of ouzo.

I’d never had it.

I explained I don’t do shots** and was more than happy to stick with my red wine.  He understood about the shots but wanted me to try something I’d never had, so he let me have a sip of it.  My reaction was the one I gave to Christine in the story:

“Yuck!  That tastes like Vicks 44D!”

He explained it got its flavor from an herb that makes it taste like  licorice to which I explained I don’t like licorice either.

Though I do like Twizzlers.  Probably not licorice though given its cherry candy.

Whenever I read anything to do with that plot device I’m reminded of a fun time in my life.

I was part of an incredible team of high-end tech weenies.  We worked hard but we also had fun. It was great.

Fast Forward.

I ended up relocating to Fort Collins for a short period of time.  C. B. & Potts wasn’t far from home so we enjoyed visiting periodically.  It ended up being a location where I experienced one of the more powerful paranormal experiences in my life.

Detailed in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.


**  When Aaron and I were first dating, he offered to order a shot of high-end tequila for me.  I explained I don’t do shots and was happy to stick with my red wine.  To this day, I’ve never done a shot.

I sip.

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