Note:  Longer post.

One thing I can say for certain.  The Metatron’s Army Reboot project has taken me to some very interesting places.

Paranormally speaking.

Everything was going well.  I was making progress, rereleasing corrected versions, putting new processes in place to avoid a repeat of the error, and even figuring out what happened in the first place.  And then…

Book 9.

I’ve written previously that Books 9 – 11 are my favorites.

Especially Bind:  Book 9 in the series.

I have also written that paranormal activity picked up while I was writing these 3 books.

What I call a Psi Avalanche.

The paranormal events differed from book to book.  

  • Solving the equation during Bind.  
  • Getting an advanced lesson in the theory of relativity and time travel while writing Diagonals:  Book 10 

One of those where I said, “This is nice. What am I supposed to do with it?”

I was serious. He was not amused.


One of the more startling was while working on Promotion: Book 11 in the Series.  Rather than writing from scratch  I had the distinct sense that I was remembering.

There were literally times while I could “hear” some of what I’d been told during the NDE.

It was as if that celestial entity returned and was pointing out what they’d been talking about during the NDE.

It was, to say the least, interesting.

Surreal comes to mind.

It wasn’t however, upsetting.  If anything, it was an opportunity to continue researching the paranormal aspects of my life in order to better understand them.

Stepping Away.

It got to a point where the sheer volume of increased paranormal activity began taking too many cycles.

Psi Avalanche!

I needed a break.

It was during this time – as the MA series was winding down – that I made several career decisions, one of the biggest stepping away from the nonfiction work.

Some of it at any rate.

Having discovered the cause and cure for EMF Sensitivity I turned my focus to non-technology EMFs.

Geologic, Atmospheric, Esoteric.

My research was incredibly fruitul.

Years later I’m ready to venture back into the land of nonfiction.

Those non-technology EMFs.

At the same time I’m not eager to find myself once again in the land of Psi Avalance.  To that end I’m taking my time laying the foundation.

Armed with lessons learned.

With that as a backdrop I was curious what Easter Eggs I might find in Books 9 – 11 this time around.  The dude didn’t disappoint.

Within the last week after a years’ long hiatus I’ve been to Spirit School 3 times.  

Each of these psi-laced dreams comes complete with information.

In one I was shown a – tool I guess you might call it – round with different color sand/dirt and small colored crystals placed in specific areas.  There was also a 1/4 moon placed in a specific orientation within the tool. 

What makes it interesting is that I was shown two versions, only one of which was correct.

I was asked to tell the celestial being overseeing the lesson what the differences between the two were.

They were sutble differences but I did notice them.

One was the angle of placement of the 1/4 moon.  Another was a different type of dirt – black sand instead of the red dirt.

It was explained to me those subtle differences were meaningful and that the incorrect one was a version pawned off on the uneducated as a scam.

The one with black sand was the fraud.

When I woke up  I drew both images in a book filled with other images shown at other times.

Including one shown during an Event Horizon Session.

Last night I again found myself in Spirit School.

The dude was there.

I was shown a number of images including one I’d seen during an Event Horizon Session. 

A different one than the one mentioned above.

 He then took me over various locations and pointed things out – asked me to note certain individuals or architectural features.  It was at this point I realized I’d seen some of this stuff.

During the NDE.

Before “waking up” he asked several questions aimed, in part, to see if I learned/understood what it was he wanted me to see/know.  However, there was a more important purpose.

He proceeded to show me various moments in my life.  

Many from my early 20s.

During each of the events which included holidays at family’s homes, or other family gatherings, a specific variable stood out.  I knew he was there.

I remember those times – trying to explain to certain individuals who were sympathetic to paranormal vibes that I felt like the stars were aligned in such a way that I could feel the earth moving – the energy of it.  It was a wonderful feeling.

It turns out these were times when the dude was with me.  What I felt was him.


As I looked over the events with that filter I noted two things

  • I had clairvoyant activity that later came true
  • They were some very stressful times in my life

 Times where the clairvoyance gave hope things would get better.

He wanted me to see he was there with me, guiding me.

As he is now, apparently.

Now that I know what he feels like?  I can consider life events through that filter.

Including the fact I’m about to start Promotion: Book 11.

I wonder if I will reexperience the sense of remembering.

Life is as always interesting

Note:  I wish my drawing skills were as good as my writing.  The detail in the objects I saw require more skill than I have to adequately represent them.  

I can say this much. I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate.

What I saw and experienced – it left an impression.

Big time.

Post Note: I’m sitting here trying to grasp what I saw. I was thinking how much easier it would be if he told me what it was so I knew how to interprert. Then I caught myself. He did. It’s up to me whether or not to accept what he told me.

How to interpret it all.

Just some of the challenges of living the psi life.


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