It’s interesting what goes though the mind when edit/reading a book – or even rereading it.

As opposed to writing.

You notice things big and small.

Other than small typos and grammatical errors, the biggest changes I’ve made to the manuscripts as part of the Reboot project have been rewriting a sentence or even a paragraph to either change a tense for smoother reading or to add depth.

I’ve also removed plenty of “that” and a few “her/his” from sentences.  

For that alone I’m going to go back through a lot more of my work.  It’s an unconscious move that I added so many “that”s in there and they aren’t necessary.

Sometimes I’ve changed her/his to “the.”  Or even “a”.  It’s amazing how much better something reads when those simple changes are made which means in the end I’m very satisfied with this project, even as it really wore me out.

Read/editing 14 books in a series back to back is mentally intensive.

As I’m about halfway through Karma – and there are almost zero changes required – I’m aware of other aspects of the story, including the “bits and pieces” that were part of the original but never made it in.

If I didn’t stop with Adjudication I would have had the never ending series.  

Legacy is a unique book that connects the series to the future.  Chronicles were a different route altogether.

Sometimes it was a situation where I had characters that were a bigger part of the original story but never got to develop them out.

Sishod who appears in Promotion, Book 11 in the series was part of the original series and originally had a more significant role.  Unfortunately, the story went in a direction where I was not able to bring him in in the way I anticipated.

I have grudgingly let go of the original scene though I did work it – in a different form – into Karma.

Another aspect of these later books is the opportunity to go into the various species that appear throughout the series.

Karma gives a deeper look into the Azlaans.

And then there are danglers.  

Whatever happened to -?

I have two books already under construction that fall into this category.  Like Legacy they take place later but they are tied more closely to the original series than Chronicles side stories.

What is particularly wild – Covenant ** – which I started writing about a year ago – has a plot line that is tied to that time line metaphor I figured out!  

Just one of the many unique and paramormally-hued events involved with writing this series.

Done with Care.  I am taking great pains to vet the stories before deciding to publish them.

I’m not looking for the never-ending series.

When a story sticks around for decades?  I give it serious consideration.

Especially when coincidences start inserting themselves in my daily life the way the time line metaphor has.

The best part of the Reboot project is seeing that it’s all going as it should.

Though not necessarily how I originally anticipated.

Stay tuned!

** It’s just a working title and likely to be changed.

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