“You need a hobby.”

Words spoken by someone who thought I was working too hard.

I explained I was fine.

When pressed I further explained that because I work doing something I love – am passionate about – it isn’t work.

So long as I’m creating?  I’m happy.

Last night I had the good fortune to see Gary Numan at the Neptune.

btw: I took that photo.**

Wonderful.  Amazing.  Perfect.

I actually owe this artist – though he has no idea who I am.

I can guarantee he wasn’t thinking of me when filming What’s In My Bag.


For a number of reasons, the past years have been a bit of a career challenge.

When I heard Gary’s comments how listening to a fellow artist helped him find his music soul again I realized that in releasing Intruder he’d done the same for me.

Creatives, regardless of discipline, are connected – soul to soul.

What acted as a sort of confirmation to it all was the mythological undertone.

Roman – not Greek.

I’d been mentally pondering an upcoming book.  Something was missing.

In studying the imagery in the Neptune – tuning into the fact it was Roman – not Greek? I understood.

I took Latin so I have a decent understanding of the parallels and differences.

It was the universe answering a dilemma.

A plot dilemma.

I leaned over to Aaron and semi-yelled the revelation through the mask.

I get wearing it but in a concert venue?  Hot.  Still – the right thing I think.

For the artist and his crew who are traveling internationally and are exposing themselves – putting themselves out there – because they love their fans and want to bring joy in difficult times.

The concert begins and I Speak Machine – opener – is wonderful.

Think Goldfrapp and Florence and the Machine though they are unique – and perfect.

Gary and his crew come on and it was evident from the first the man was happy to be there and eager to share that happiness with those who’d come out to see him.

His crew were equally willing to share their beautiful creative spirits through unwavering energy.

But I’ll admit…

At least 1/3 of my energy was wrapped up in my nonfiction project.

Can I help it if being in this theatre with imagery that solved a plot dilemma opened a floodgate of creativity?

A writer, I pulled myself to my center and split my multi-tasking soul to 

  • Watching the fans
  • Integrating everything valuable into my upcoming projects – fiction and nonfiction both
  • Observing the artist

The entire time though my awareness was – theoretically split – I was enjoying the music.

As I explain in Metatron’s Legacy – via Energy Trackers – visual and audial input is different.

You can enjoy music with your eyes shut, right?

What I know is this.  The creative soul never sleeps.

It seeks to exist.

On that note – readers may wish to take a look at my updated bio.  It includes – at the top – perspective I believe meaningful.


Cross posted to elizabeth.maxim. com.

** Different photo on other post.

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