When I first encountered the Celestial being I’ve come to know as Metatron it was during an NDE.  When asked to describe his appearance, I ran up against the first of numerous post-NDE challenges.

How do you describe what you perceive in visual terms when you are on a different plane of existence, don’t have eyes, and he doesn’t have what we understand as a physical body?

As he explained to me during the interaction, I had to go back because it was not my time, but he would be with me and for years, though I sensed his presence, I had no visual image to describe.  That all changed when I was 16.

Details of his appearance in my life are available in both After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die and Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Putting in an appearance.

As explain in those books, Metatron put in an appearance in my hotel room in Washington DC, in the winter of 1994.


He stated, “You will move to California.”

Though I made no effort to bring this about, in April of that year I  found myself in the Golden State visiting a friend and interviewing for a job that all but fell in my lap.

I got the job and moved West less than 6 weeks later.

My friend suggested I get a feel for the area, pointing out several Silicon Valley cities I should check out.  He added that while in Mountain View, I should stop by the Psychic Eye Bookshop. 

Located in one of the numerous strip malls I associate with the state of California, the shop was large and had a good vibe.  It also held a surprise.

Actually, two.

Between Worlds

During a brief chat with the woman working that day it came up that I’d had a Near Death Experience.  I explained how difficult life became whenever someone uncomfortable with the idea became aware.  Smiling, she plucked a book off the shelf, opening it to a section wherein the phenomenon as understood by indigenous tribes was described.

As well as how those who had had such experiences were respected if not revered.

Thanking the woman for sharing I browsed the rest of the shop.


I was on my way out when an image caught my attention.

It was on a greeting card in a section to the left of the door when you walked in.

“That’s the guy!”

Though at that point I didn’t know him as Metatron, I immediately recognized the Celestial entity who’d been helping me come to terms with what I saw and experienced during the NDE.

This collaborative effort would later be published as Metatron’s Army.

I recognized him as he’d physically appeared to me in high school and again the previous November!

I bought the card and framed it.

More than any depiction of angels I’ve seen this image conveys the essence and energy I’ve come to know as Metatron.

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