Just a quick update on restoration of pages focused on the enigmatic celestial being known as Metatron.

One of the more challenging aspects of how to include it on this site has been deciding what angle I want to write from.  Yes I have a relationship with this celestial being but it isn’t what a lot of people might expect in that it isn’t religious in nature.  

This is important to note.

As I write in Under Siege

As a holistic healer I am well aware of the impact of cultural and religious/spiritual beliefs in healing and while my own cultural and spiritual beliefs are in no way in conflict with this part of my life, the fact it can be for others makes it, as a healer, challenging to present in a way that will bring benefit and healing as intended.

After weeks of consideration I decided to write in a manner that tells the tales without providing interpretation.  

Especially because I don’t often have one myself.

I never identified this energy with Metatron prior to events leading up to and including the interview with Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Radio and while in hindsight I can say “This explains a lot,” it still doesn’t behoove me to explain interactions through a lens that defines the being – for others.

i.e. I can share stories of how the interactions have affected various aspects of my life but not necessarily why he bothered.

In many cases I don’t even know.

It is not my objective to convince people of anything.

I know who he is and who he has been to me since I first became aware of him as a child. 

To give context

By 2nd grade I’d had a handful of paranormal experiences two of which involved this energy.  I just filed it away with the others – seeing a ghost and premonitions – and went on with my life.

As I explain in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, Second Sight and other paranormal gifts have been in my family on both sides for generations so I never thought it a big deal to have a celestial energy communicating with me.

I’ll be taking the next few days to decide on how to lay out the information after which I will put the pages previously published back up.

Stay tuned

I detail my interactions with this being up to and including learning who he is in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.


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