It was as I was working on Bind, Book 9 in the series that he appeared at my desk and demanded I solve the equation.

Oh, yeah, sure.

I’d been trying, off and on, for the previous 3 plus decades. I’d consulted with math and physics teachers and college professors, including one of my ME professors,  along with a number of tech weenies.  They all understood the symbols and pieces but none could figure out the whole of it.**

Aka: What did it mean?

To give a bit of context it is important to explain that as a clairvoyant I am able to “see” what is projected to me both inside and outside my mind’s eye.

This was outside.

He rolled a blackboard over, handed me a piece of chalk, then demanded I solve the equation.


He was beyond impatient at this point and was in fact downright irritated with me.

I hadn’t worked on the equation in years so my first step was to scratch a few things down then run over to Aaron’s office.

As I’ve written, the EE I’m married to is a math genius.

I said “This is calc, right?”

It’d been years and the symbols were a mix of math and science.  I wanted to be certain.

“Yes, that’s the function symbol…”

Snatching up the sticky note I high-tailed it back to the desk and said – as I blew out my breath – “Okay.”

I began working from left to right to which The Dude snapped “No!  Start again!”

This went on a number of times and a number of times he snapped at me to start over.

It was evident he was irritated with me but I wasn’t going to take it lying down. “Look, this is how I learned to solve equations…”

Can I Be of Assistance?

Next thing I know another guy shows up.

Standing to the right of The Dude who was still frowning at me, the newcomer was wearing a black jumpsuit.

He smiled at me and asked if it was okay if he helped.

I told him no, I needed to do it myself but thanks anyway.

I got the impression that while The Dude wasn’t going to say no outright he would be even more irritated with me if I took that other guy up on his offer.

I sent a look of irritation to The Dude and asked – impatiently – what it was I was doing wrong.  

His answer?

Look at the equation in its entirety.

Was he nuts?

It wasn’t that it was long so much as that I wasn’t used to working it from that angle which, now that I think on it, may be why it took me so long to figure it out.

My eyes zeroed in on the Delta symbol.


It appeared in two places within the equation.

Which was a function.

I then – as Steve Jobs would say – zoomed out and took in the equation in its entirety.

I began solving sections, uncaring of where they appeared in the equation.

I’d just finished understanding the first half when all the numbers and symbols lifted off the board and began transforming.

The numbers and symbols became words which then became images which then began to animate.

I was suddenly watching a movie.

As if I was in the movie.

It was similar to the The Mummy Returns when their son, who has put on the bracelets, has visions of places appear.

I was on a street in ancient Egypt.

A Merchant’s Street.

I was not alone.

The Dude was at my side waiting for me to absorb the lesson.

Just like in Spirit School, which is the inspiration for the Illusionary Plane in the Metatron’s Army series.

My attention was drawn to a sign above the door of one of the shops.  

There was a drawing of an oil lamp and lamp oil.

I was asked if I understood.

I did.  Immediately.

I was asked to explain.

I responded, “This is a time in history when only certain members of the populace were literate.  The images of a lamp and the oil let them know the merchant sells lamps, oils, and other supplies that go with it.”

At that point – as reward for understanding the lesson – I was shown that math is the language of the universe but because humans do not speak that language it was necessary to give them a language of symbols and words.  

It was explained to me why this was but it’s beyond the scope of this post.

I was then advised imagery is the translation key between man and the universe.

If we want to talk with the universe we need only hold an image in our minds.

I have since learned that images travel faster than words and that words put to music – song – travel faster than words spoken.

My guess?  The universe got a translator who understood spoken word and realized the time it took for those words to travel led to poor communication and misunderstandings and songs are a workaround.

Note:  I have been conflicted over sharing this equation for the simple fact there may be questions about it I cannot answer.

In fact I’ve been conflicted about how to post anything about the enigmatic being who has been a part of my life for decades for the same reason.

I decided I would share bits and pieces without drawing conclusions for others.

That is for readers to do for themselves.

Note: As per the interaction with the Cube, The Dude decided I needed to solve the equation in order to resolve my valid complaint.

Though it isn’t a perfect science it did go far in improving communication between us.


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