Figuring out a way to lighten up about Metatron Chronicles is serious business.

And so far I’m failing miserably.

I guess it’s how you look at it.  Or feel it may be more appropriate.  How do you lighten up about intensity?

That’s what The Dude is – intensity.

I’ve mentioned he puts me in the mind of a stern parent.

And yet so much of what comes out of the interactions makes me smile because it’s wonderful and amazing.  But to write about those events does not give proper context and is illustrative of only one facet of an incredibly complex situation.

Not to mention a complex celestial energy.

Some of the earliest conversations with the celestial entity – before he showed himself – were regarding serious matters.

  • My mom being in the hospital

I was very worried about her though I’d not said anything to any of the adults.

  • My frustration with not having theological questions answered

Worse, I was punished by the nuns for asking them.

Obviously, my interaction with him via the NDE was serious.

Our family was supposed to go to Cedar Pointe the day after the emergency.  I was upset because instead of taking me to the Ohio amusement park, my dad brought me to the hospital.

Things started to lighten up – for me at least – when I experienced the wonder of having him visit.

In the hospital after I was moved from ICU.

  • He stayed with me when my parents went to dinner.  The neurosurgeon came in on rounds to see how I was and I excitedly told him I’d just had a celestial visitor!  

I still remember the look on his face as he glanced to the empty place I was pointing at – even as I was beaming because it was so exciting.

  • He made his presence known not only to me but my mom

As I write in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, I was out to dinner with my mom, telling her about the  “well-dressed” ghost that woke me a little after 3am when the look on her face stopped me mid-sentence.  She told me she was woken by a sound shortly before 3 (We are both clock people so each of us looked and knew what time it was). When she went out of her room to investigate she heard a rustling sound (the cloak against his legs) as “…an invisible entity came up the stairs and walked through the door of your bedroom…”  

If you can believe I demanded to know why she let a ghost into my room while I was sleeping and didn’t wake me.

To warn me.

He appeared to me a few times after. Once I acknowledged him things turned serious.


Data Dump

As I write in After Here, I was listening to the ’45 of Van Halen’s Jump, checking out the cover of the ’45 sleeve when my eyes zeroed in on the angel wings.

I was so caught by the wings I didn’t even notice the cigarettes until 15 or so years later when Aaron pointed them out to me.

As I stepped away from the record player** a flurry of images poured into my Mind’s Eye.

Images from the NDE.

One of the images grabbed my full attention.

Because of the intensity.

The eyes.


Though I was unnerved, I spent time boldly looking into those eyes.

I was daring whatever celestial entity thought to intimidate me to try their worst.

I tried to determine if the emptiness reflected evil.  

Because of an absence of emotion such as compassion or caring.

I determined the absence of emotion is just that – the absence of emotion.

No evil.

Shortly after, I began working with him on the story that would become Metatron’s Army.

Who better to guide me than someone who’d been there?***

In the years since, my interactions with him have been a series of serious and joyous corollaries that at times have been as life-altering as the event that precipitated the NDE.

“The Guy” facilitated – his words – my marriage to Aaron!

I was in shock but not so much that I don’t remember how serious The Dude was when he asked if I accepted him.

And then went on to inform me this is what I asked for when I wrote the Ideal Scene a little over a year earlier.

I was thrilled but took the entirety of the moment very seriously.

It is this blend of opposite yet equal energies that readers will find in the Metatron Chronicles.

Stay tuned!

**I tend to call it a phonograph but a new friend said when she read that in a text she wondered if I was talking about a gramophone.  I smiled and told her I tell the kids when I was young the abacus was the computer.


*** I will be sharing more of what it was like to work with Metatron as well as what specific pieces from the NDE ended up in the series.

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