I’ve mentioned how prior to being contacted by Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Radio I had no idea the celestial entity I was interacting with – for decades – is known by some as Metatron.  As you can imagine, since learning this little tidbit of joy I’ve put a few considerations through that filter.

Even as I resisted the idea.

One of those considerations was Why?

Why me?


The Why Me? of ghosts.

As I wrote in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity, ET explained people capable of perceiving and interacting with ghosts have a lavender colored notch in our aura.

We are capable but ultimately it’s up to us to engage.

The Why Me? of Metatron

Shortly after learning about the notch I asked The Dude the same question.

Why Me?

The answer was rather direct.

“You didn’t reject me.”

This was accompanied by images from the day he showed up in my 2nd grade classroom.

For me to reference.

My immediate reasponse was equally direct.

“It never occurred to me to.”

Kind of goes to that choice to engage I suppose.


Though I’ve been interacting with this being, not knowing his alter ego, I didn’t bother doing any research.

Just as with the ghosts and other psi phenomenon in my life, I accepted the situation for what it was.

Until contacted for the interview, that’s how it was.  Afterward, armed with new data, I turned my mind to a few considerations.

Such as

  • How can this entity appear to multiple individuals in a context of similar behavior?

I have not read other people’s takes on Metatron.  

I did however listen to one of Lamont’s other interviews in which the woman talked of his commenting on her husband.  As Metatron brought mine to me I see he has an interest in who some of us marry.

  • How can I resolve what I remember of him from the NDE?

Connected energetically to what I perceived as God.

Described in the interview as a soap bubble reflecting all the rainbow colors but flat and more amoeba shaped.

I never actively worked to understand the last for the simple reason I accept.

It’s difficult to explain what it’s like to experience something during and of which you don’t feel intellectual conflict even as you note what you’re seeing/experiencing is illogical/doesn’t make sense.

I went about my daily life, unconcerned whether I would ever get the answers to How.

As I said, there wasn’t a conflict.

The answer came without flourish.

An answer that made total sense.


“…Each piece of a hologram contains a particular perspective of the image but it includes the entire object.”

A perfect way to look at it if I consider what I know of The Dude in the context of the NDE, put through the fact others experience and interact with him simultaneously.

Like Spirit/Universe/God.

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