It wasn’t until I was wrapping up After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die that I came across what is commonly known as Metatron’s Cube.**

I write about the experience – being shocked at seeing something I redcognized from the NDE – at the end of the book.

I’d never heard of it, nor had I seen it.

It certainly put an interesting spin on my experience in high school geometry class when The Dude told me that the teacher’s theorm about a line was wrong then provided the right one** along with all sorts of geometry tidbits.

I was not a fan of geometry.  Unlike Alg II, Pre-Calc, Trig, I struggled with the class.

Of course, that could be because I spent more time paying attention to the cute guy sitting behind me than what my teacher was writing on the board.

It wasn’t until I was boring out a motor in an ME class that it came together.  

4 years later.

I owe my professor big time for helping me integrate what I’d seen in the NDE into real life examples.

The Bosch manual that he referenced to help me bridge the information to ME principles certainly helped as did support from fellow students, many of whom were mechanics – older; married with kids – going back for their degrees.

Though I eventually found myself in the tech industry I did my best to avoid any Encounters of the Geometric Kind.

Class Not Dismissed


I was working on Metatron’s Legacy.

Damn It!

I voiced a complaint that would forever change the way I looked at the universe.

As if the NDE and being psi hadn’t been enough to show me a world I never knew existed.

It just so happens The Dude put in an appearance. 

 I suspect it was because I was finishing up the series and he had author plans for me.

Maybe it was a Come-to-Jesus thing but I’d had it with his popping in and out of my life.  

Seemingly at random and usually with directives about what I “will” do.

To my surprise he asked what the problem was.

Beyond exasperated I told him, “What good is it asking for anything?  By the time I get it I either no longer want it or need it.”

I was speaking of a higher level philosophy of praying for something, not attacking him for not responding to those prayers.

What he did next was more surprising.

The guy can be a total hard-ass and can come across as insensitve if not uncaring of my frustrations.

Without saying a word – though he did shoot me an interesting look – disgust? – he walked to the kitchen windows and set the stage.

As I’ve written in the piece on the Equation, he is good at projecting outside the Mental Window for demonstration/viewing.

A rather large geometric cube appeared to our right.

His back was to me.

The cube was about 25′ x 25′ and milky white.  As I watched, a movie began playing on the side facing us.

It was my life.

Without turning he explained that when I ask for something from God/Universe a multitude of variables need to be factored into the equation. He showed the numerous left/right turns that need to be considered when deciding the best path to take to fulfill the request.

This is detailed in a conversation between Alexander and Christine in Positional Play: Book 4 in the Metatron’s Army Series.

It’s ironic because I wrote that book years before receiving this demonstration.

Then again, the MA series is based on what I saw, experienced, and learned during the NDE, decades earlier.

Contiuing to face away he said, “You can imagine what happens when you decide you want something else.”

My fault, eh?

Shrugging, he went on to show the intricate numerous decision points , not even considering adjustments necessary if I changed my mind – say – 2 days after I sent the original prayer/visualization.

Like I said – my fault.

In such a situation, all planning needed to be recalibrated.

I once read in some treatise on manifesting or another it’s imperative we hold the vision of what we want if we hope to attain it and that thinking of something only to change then change … delays if not invalidates fulfillment of our desire.

I was unmoved.

Equation = Communication

Apparently the Universe has an Achilles’ Heel.  

Evidenced by the fact he had no answer for my complaint.

I gazed at the cube and considered the gift I was being given.

Though I doubted understanding the process would make a difference. My reasoning was simple logic. If the delay in fulfillment was too long it was natural I would change the order. What I wanted at 16 is not what I wanted at 26 is not what I wanted at…

No sooner had that thought finished when I felt his dejection.

He turned to face me.

“You don’t understand.”

“Explain it to me then,” I replied. When he finished the explanation I said, “So it’s as if you and I exist in the same place but in different times.”


He then gave me a lesson in relativity Einstein and Rosen would have loved.

The lesson was projected, complete with visuals and an oral exam, to ensure I got the idea.

Future post.

Devastated on so many levels I looked at him and said, “So it’s fucked up.”

He replied, “No.  You need to fix it.”



A mere mortal?

He told me I needed to find a way to resolve the temporal issue in order to close the time gaphis words – which would resolve communication errors of the temporal kind.

I was incredulous.  This celestial being thought I had the ability to resolve a spacetime problem I didn’t even know existed until he told me?  


“Find a way.”

That’s what he said to me!  

Find a way!

I did.

More to come.

Stay tuned.

**The theorem the Dude gave – though he didn’t explain at the time – is true for Classical Geometry. I was learning Euclidean in high school.

Which would have been helpful to know.

Of course, my high school teacher didn’t explain it either.


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