I cannot overstate the complexity surrounding my interactions with the celestial entity known as Metatron.

Who I call The Dude.

Though I was aware of him from early chlidhood, it wasn’t until I was in high school that he appeared to me and when he did I thought he was a “Well-dressed ghost.”

I detail this event in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die and Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.

What stood out most was how beautiful he was.

So much so I thought he was a female.

What next caught my attention was the clothing.

A Medieval cloak over pants with black leather boots that came up over the knees.

Finally, that she was smiling at me.

He appeared weeks later at the end of my bed.

I still thought he was a female ghost.

 I hadn’t yet fallen asleep so he bumped the end of the bed to get my attention.  He smiled at me and though this time I had the presence of mind to speak

I asked him what he wanted from me.

He didn’t reply

Just kept smling as he faded away.

Later I considered the strangeness of a female wearing male clothing.  

Given the timeframe – Middle ages – it made no sense.

He appeared several years later leaning against the trunk of a car near my apartment building. 

Wearing the cloak and smiling at me.

I still thought it was a female ghost.

An Angel?

Years after that I was in a New Age store in Menlo Park, California when an image on a greeting card – a pencil sketch – caught my attention.  

The Dude!

At this point I was aware of the celestial presence I called That Guy and The Dude but did not yet understand he was the one in the cloak.

The image that grabbed my attention – like a fist in the gut – was of an angel!

I didn’t believe angels were real in the sense of what I was taught in Catholic school.

What really drew me in was the expression.

It projected the perfect attitude based on recent interactions with The Dude.

The only thing missing was the cloak.

It didn’t matter he wore jeans.  It was the attitude and the aura [read attitude] that pulled me in.

For years I believed the entity in my bedroom was a female ghost and The Dude some sort of celestial entity that was difficult to describe or explain.

In truth, I’d long since given up trying.

By the time I spoke with Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Radio I knew the entity in my bedroom was The Dude.  

I’d learned that angels are often so beautiful it is difficult to discern whether they are male or female so I didn’t feel bad about the mix-up.

There is no mistaking Metatron’s energy to be female.

Not only would I use the word intense but strength and power and while those could apply to women in certain circumstances, this entity is – as I perceive him – male.

Though I kept the card with the angel image on it I was frustrated – especially in recent years – that it really didn’t do justice to who I saw.  

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Through discussions with another artist I learned about a site called Fiverr.  

He really talked up – with good reason – the business model.

I worked with a wonderful artist to comission a sketch that illustrates my experience.

There are no wings but never in all the times I’ve seen him did he have any.

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