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For some time I’ve written of the challenge of designing a website presence that adequately represents the divesity of what- in terms of writing – I have to offer.

Fiction and nonfiction present different yet sometimes overlapping conundrums.

I made a few refinements I believe will help the reader/visitor experience.

EMF Topics

Posts specific to EMF Sensitivity will appear on the World of EMF page – as a column.

Psi Studio

Posts to do with manifesting, visualization, and other related subjects will appear on the Psi Studio page – as a column.

Anyone following will be notified regardless of the subject of the post.

Metatron’s Universe

I’ve put my traditional sci-fi work under the umbrella.

Posts regarding my relationship with the Celestial entity Metatron will be available on this site.

I’ll continue to refine the experience as life allows.

Stay tuned

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