Note: Longer post.

It’s been an interesting 48 hours given it all started several days ago.

Just another of the many examples of my capricious  relationship to time.

When Random Chance Isn’t

Story of my psi life.

About a week or so ago I opened Kindle to see a book at the bottom in the section of recommendeds based on my reading history.

 Or previous searches.


Sister of psi.

Given the number of times in recent weeks I’ve referenced a certain type of book I’d have to say it was based on my search history.

It wasn’t something I was looking for, only referencing.

And yet…

The subject is one of great interest and, as per recent blog posts, reignited interested at that.  At the same time I had enough on my plate that I wasn’t going to be diving into it soon.  I downloaded a sample.

Then promptly forgot about it.

Tuesday I went to a local haunt to do a working lunch.  Though I’d taken a photo of the white board before I left I didn’t have a particular project in mind when I decided to eat there.

I trusted whatever I needed to do would naturally bubble to the surface after I sat down and opened the lid on the laptop.

For whatever reason I opened the Kindle app.  There was the book sample.  Not having any particular project grabbing me I opened it and began to read.  I was so so engrossed in this book I forgot some of my lunch!  

I was truly unable to eat and read at the same time.

I hadn’t even finished the sample when I knew I had to have the book, so I bought it.  I spent the entire evening and most of the following day reading it.  I was partly through the section diving into the science behind the method when I realized the cosmic method behind the seeming coincidental madness in it all.

The book had been put into my sphere of awareness for a reason.  

I have a pretty good idea who the cosmic perpetrator is.

The Cube is Real!

A few years back The Dude showed me the cube he works with.

It’s literally a cube!

He explained that everything that has happened and that is going to happen is in this cube.

It isn’t literally in the cube itself. He was showing the concept to me as a movie on the cube side facing us.

If it sounds familiar to readers there are a couple of possibilities.

You read The Isle of Future Past.

Like many real-life experiences, I used it as a plot device.

You are familiar with block universe theory.

Which I wasn’t until Royce’s book.

From an article on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website:  

“…Let’s make it easier by visualizing the block model of our world as a three-dimensional rectangle, or cuboid.  [Bold emphasis mine].  Two of that cuboid’s dimensions (let’s say height and width) represent two of the universe’s three spatial dimensions.  The third spatial dimension in the above [not included here] diagram is left out – the length of the cuboid – and replace it with time.  At one end of the cuboid is the big bang.  At the other is the very last moment of the universe.  Maybe it’s a big crunch.  The cuboid is filled with every event that ever happens.  Where these events are in the cuboid represents their location in space-time.  All events, including your birth and death and this very moment as you read these words, exist somewhere in the block.”

Exactly what Metatron showed me in my kitchen as I was finishing Bind, Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army series.

Still shocked to see what I was taught has a serious place in science, I turned the page and read

“The block universe theory is fascinating because the scientists who believe this theory (and there are many) also know this means time travel is possible without a “grandfather paradox crisis.”

As I’ve written in posts, this is something Metatron also pointed out in quite the relativity lesson.

Taught immediately after I solved the equation.

He also showed me in a dream years ago.

To make it a little more interesting.  I’ve been wrestling with a very odd and quite frankly beyond annoying psi challenge.  Prior to having an intense premonition, a type of weird dizzy sensation passes through me.  It seems to be related to vitamin D supplementation.

I don’t have all the data yet.

Yesterday while reading the book I had one of these irritating experiences.  With a twist.

I got a clairaudient message inquiring why I was doing this.

Whatever this is.

I instinctively answered “Because I want to know how the world works.”

Not surprising.  I’ve been peering behind curtains and into truths – and seeking to understand – my whole life.

Especially after the NDE!

It’s why physics is one of  my favorite subjects.

I continued reading Royce’s book and came to this

From a 2013 talk given by Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave Systems.

Remember – I said “Because I want to know how the world works.” as I was experiencing an intense psychic premonition.

“People from a physics background love quantum computing!  They want to understand the world, they want to understand the universe – how it all works.” [Bold emphasis mine]

Exactly what I told the celestial entity less than an hour earlier.

And to add to the esoteric fun in my life, I discovered that my ability to detect an iminent earthquake, even in sound sleep, is still strong.

Unfortunately, I’m still feeling the effects of that bit of fun.

Feels like I’m seasick.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a lesson from The Dude verified later in some book I was inspired to purchase and though it’s cool in a cosmic universe way, it’s also energetically disorienting.

Of course, that could be the GMFs since aftershocks are probably going to be around for awhile.

They are very small on the richter scale but each is affecting me.

Life is a miracle.

It’s good to be reminded once in awhile, don’t you think?


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