Note: Long.

Listening to Pleasant Valley  Sunday and trying to gather my thoughts for this post.

I LOVED that show and had the awesome fortune to see the Monkees live at Pine Knob, in Michigan!

Oh, how appropriate – it’s now the song Words!  

Hopefully, it will help me find the right ones.

I’m going to take a moment to state Metatron isn’t the only challenge in life.  Just being psi has it’s challenges.

After all the ghosts of former musicians who have crossed my path?  

Every time I see that a rocker I liked dies I panic thinking “Oh god, please don’t come here…”

I like them but it can be traumatic to look up and see the ghost of one of your favorite heavy metal guitarists standing in your living room.

Life as a Psi.

And Then There’s The Dude…

I’ve written plenty about the enigmatic celestial entity I learned is known – at this point in time – as Metatron.  

btw: He told me a few months back “They stole my name!” **

The following books provide additional info on our relationship

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to know what to do here on Metatron’s Universe.

And no – “he” can’t tell me.  

We don’t have that kind of relationship and it doesn’t work that way.

The biggest challenge?  The original challenge.  

How to explain?

He Doesn’t Fit the Paradigm, Damn It!

That’s because, as I write in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity, like other esoteric EMFs, he straddles the world between science and belief.

To make it worse, I live in a country if not a world that’s obsessed with pitting religion against science.

And that doesn’t even take into account the whole spirituality versus religion thing.

People are going to make up their own minds but having been through Catholic school I can honestly say I never heard or experienced any conflict whatsoever that made me think it was either religion or science.

Creation theory notwithstanding.

Those spiritualists are a whole other issue.

One I understand, and yet…

The truth is, whether any of us like it or not, Christianity hijacked angels, with the publishers of at least one popular version of the Bible taking Archangels as their own.

All 2 of them!

I’m not going to get into it but I’ve been pit in the middle of arguments from camps who say there are only 2 angels because Scripture says so, and those who say there are 4.

And those who list several.

Where does all of this leave the Dude?

Or my relationship with him since it isn’t religious or spiritual?

Or, it is but not in the way that outsiders might desire.

As if it would prove what “they knew all along”


No Tug of War

As I ponder the best way to present the next bits of information – how Metatron worked with me on my writing – I find myself running into the dilemma of how to do it without coming across as 1) too religious, 2) too science focused

The guy did show me block universe theory. after all.

3) Too spiritual

Which at times seems both anti-religion and anti-science.

Over the past weeks I wrestled with this challenge, consulted a few wise ones in my sphere, and concluded no matter what I do someone somewhere isn’t going to be happy, let alone agree.  

Hell, even those who, like me, ran across this celestial entity via NDEs likely have different thoughts and feelings about him.

What’s Your Reality?

The Metatron’s Army slogan is Where’s Your Reality?

Metatron’s Universe?

Of which Metatron’s Army is a subset

What’s Your Reality?

I know it states Where Sci-Fi Meets Passion but long-time visitors will know/remember I have the other.

Subset?  Sanity check?

What’s Your Reality?

This will be my focus because my experiences with him are my reality with him and the whole of it.

NDE, crazy fallout of it not fitting into other people’s visions of what it’s supposed to be, and everything else.

To That End…

This will be the first of blog entries dealing with his role in Metatron’s Army specific to what from the NDE went into the series – and anything else outside details shared in Lessons From the Edge.

Which are damn comprehensive.

Where’s the Cloak?

While I do a pretty decent job – if I do say so myself – of explaining the craziness of working with celestial entities who showed up in my bedroom while I was in high school to put my NDE experience into story format – I can add here that for someone who was more or less used to dealing with ghosts and being a clairvoyant, it was incredible – and lonely.

I did confide in a friend of mine who was from Venezuala and while it was nice to talk to someone who understood that the miraculous didn’t conflict with science – it left lots of gaps in what I needed.

Not that I was lonely or isolated.

As I’ve written, I talked at length with a good friend who ended up an astrophycisist, his father who was a design engineer at Chrysler, and my physics and calc teachers in high school and later college.

Given the realities of my family situation at that point, however, I had to keep a lot to myself.

One afternoon as I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling working my way through the plot, The Dude put in a rather unique experience.  Unlike his previous appearances, he wasn’t dressed in a Medieval cloak.

His hair wasn’t long either.

He wore a white uniform that zipped up the front.

Military style.

And his hair was short.

Though not military buzz cut short.

I wouldn’t have recognized him but for the fact

  • I’d know those cheekbones and that jaw anywhere
  • I’d know that impassionate stare anywhere
  • I’d know that feeling of intensity that let me know he was in the vicinity anywhere

The 1st Showing

I’d been well into the relationship between Christine and Corus when he appeared to state “That’s not how it was.”


My immediate reaction?

  • This is my story.  I didn’t ask your opinion.
  • Who the hell are you?
  • Go away and let me finish my work

His Response?

He proceeded to tell me “how it was” then followed up by bringing in a female spirit (who is the inspiration for Ryella) so she could – I don’t know – corroborate? – his story…


That 2nd point?  

Who the hell are you?  

I didn’t at first recognize him though I definitely noted a feeling of intensity.

At that point in my life – with all the crap I got from people because the NDE didn’t fit their vision?  I threw up my hands, rolled my eyes, and wondered how many more “Light Beings” were going to be in my life.

I quickly came to see he was a character I’d created.


A character I’d modeled after one of the celestial beings I met in the NDE.

What I call Light Beings.

Since I’d written him as a bad guy and he was looking at me with an expression that was open to disapproval interpretation

Hell he had criticized me – telling me that’s not how my story happened. My story?

I curled my lip and considered I’d done a good job writing the jerk.

Not Bad, Misunderstood

I Will Never Forget…

He gazed steadily at me and downloaded – psychically –

As he’d done with geometry in my high school class

Images and feelings which explained everything, not the least of which was the fact he was not a bad guy.

Just a love sick puppy.

Oh Lovely.

Irritation doesn’t begin to describe how I felt after realizing I couldn’t in good faith go forward with things as I’d been writing.

Not after feeling his feelings.


I’ll write more in the future but as I close this by sharing a sketched image done via an artist I found on Fiverr of how The Dude appeared that fateful day, I can tell you my relationship with Metatron changed forever after.

Because he let me feel what he was feeling

In that moment feelings were louder – ten million fold – than words.

Be well.

** I was on a walk when he broke in to declare they had taken his name.

Yes, he told me who “they” are and I get it and yeah – okay … history told by bias?

I replied, “What do you care? I know the truth.”

After which he was quiet, apparently contemplating that reality.

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