Just got back from a lunch with Aaron.

We walked.

We built a life where change on a dime is possible.

I’ll take credit for building that into our life. Then again I had a dad who made change on par with brushing your teeth, walking in the door randomly and declaring, “We’re moving 1500 miles across the country, start packing kids.”

To start over – again.


EMF life meant we had to move around, looking for a place to live where the air we breathed and drinking/showering/cooking water wasn’t poisoned by chemicals.

Searching for a place that wasn’t inundated with toxins so I had a chance to recover and live to see my kids grow up.

The one caveat I had was that we always explain to our kids why we were moving.

And give them enough head’s up to – at their young age – center themselves with it.

Trust me – this part of life wasn’t easy.

Having a child tell you their birthday wish is being in a place for more than 2 birthdays is tough. What saved me was knowing I was keeping my family healthy because of my choices.

Shaken Not Stirred 2022.

I walked into Aaron’s office this morning and asked “Do you have time to go to lunch with me?  We can walk…”

Together 25 + years he knows when something’s on my mind.

Or soul as the case may be.


So off we went to my local haunt, that oft times creative well from which I pull solutions.

A man of patience

He’d have to be

He waited til I was well into a salad and a glass of bordeaux 

You can draw your own conclusions about why he would have to be a man of patience…

My Psi Appears

I bet he guessed as much…

“You know how I told you …?”

Conversation last night on the sofa…

“I feel like time is folding in on itself.  As if my past and the future I saw in the NDE are coming together and it’s making me sick.”

Literally.  Temporal sickness is nasty.  I hate nausea.  I mean it.  Give me a migraine any day but no nausea.

I went on to tell him how – sitting on the sofa last night – once he read a certain headline out loud – I fell back to December 31, 1979.

Saw it, felt it as if it was yesterday.

He knows this story.

I told him at lunch today he is the one and only person on the earth I’ve ever talked to about it – before now.

I told the story he knew – of lying in bed on that day in 1979, 4 months past the NDE, crying silently 

tears streaming down my cheeks no noise coming out, younger brother sound asleep across the room, parents partying in the living room…

Why The Tears?

Good question…

From what I remember?

Photographic memory, I can easily transport myself back to that moment…

Describe the color of the paint, where every piece of furniture was, where the new and more expensive than my family could afford digital clock with the red numbers was positioned in our room so my brother and I could see it…

I knew once the clock flipped to 1980, there was no turning back.

Sounds like a spooky movie, right?  I wish.


Here’s the thing.  I don’t know why I was so upset about it all. 

  • Did I know something then I don’t know now?
  • Was the brain swelling from the surgery just messing with my emotions because I needed sleep?
  • Am I connected to that person I was via that moment in time?

In all honesty, I think it’s the not knowing that’s gnawing.

Or maybe it’s feeling like my existence exists in multiple dimensions, something I thought I’d come to terms with years ago.

Coming doom?  No.  Prophesy?  For me maybe but not the world…

Catholic prophesies notwithstanding

Regardless, my life is being shaken and stirred as much as the Bond franchise trying to figure out who’s next.

Isn’t that the name of an album?

Aaron did his best – as did the local haunt in which I found other regulars who smile when they see me

As I do when I see them

to help me as I worked to stabilize my energetic equilibrium even as I was still flipping out over the email “coincidence”

Telling my truth – how badly being psi can throw my equilirium – while in the midst of normalcy went a ways to help settle my nerves

As did walking home.

Once home, I took my seat, prepared to dive into Compass Rose, and thought how grateful I am that I can just walk across the house and ask Aaron if he’s free for lunch.  Then – I caught myself.  Yes, I’m grateful but I also created this.

I worked hard for it.

Aaron and I both did.

We’ve been working from home for decades.  

I have been working from home since 1994 when Digital Equipment Corporation became the first major company in the United States to do so.

As they sought to keep themselves from going up in flames.

Aaron joined the WFH entourage later – in 1999.

After joining a company I was working for; one I helped overcome the gotchas learned from the previous experience, such as not having the sound of flushing toilets and barking/fighting dogs – very very common – on customer calls.

Incidentally, this was a time when 99.9% of the techies were male.

Interesting sound effects.

It isn’t just that we work from home – eons before Covid – that defines what we created – it’s why we did it.

To build a vision.

To undertand we need to turn the clock back to 1998.

Not yet married, but each with a vision.

Aaron and I were at Hogan’s for dinner, each armed with a handful of note cards.  I’d asked him to write his life’s goals – individually and for us as a couple – and I would do the same.

We weren’t convinced kids were in our future though we were grown up enough to know that, as we were having sex, they were a possibility we might need to take reponsibility for.

We compared notes that night, talked over the vision coming to life and considered steps we needed to take to give those seeds time to take root.

Which included setting some serious boundaries to protect those seeds from those who would uproot them and put their seeds in like a Cuckoo’s Egg.

We welcomed the fact we had to make hard choices because we both live by the maxim No strain no gain.

Pain comes from those on the other side of the boundary walls.

Reap What you Sow

Yes there are challenges but Aaron and I live a life we built through hard work and sacrifice

Both before we met and after.

Dream Big People!

The universe is willing to help…

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