Metatron’s Army is a unique work of paranormal fiction.  There are so many layers in this story.  Some books start with the main character already possessing the skills he or she needs to overcome the challenges before them.  With Metatron’s Army, the story begins before Christine (Cirhce) is born.  Each book is like a chapter in her life.  Each of those chapters comes with its own adventures and challenges to provide experiences that enable her to gain the wisdom she’ll need for the even greater challenges yet to come.

As the story continues, she gains pieces of a much larger puzzle, sometimes through experience but often at the behest of others.  A type of gate keeper, these characters are at once infuriating and endearing.

There are several characters who, though they have common goals and may appear to be working together, are not at all who they seem.  Again, it’s only as the story unfolds that the character gets a glimpse of the story within the story.

Metatron’s Army is an epic:

  • Must be a trilogy or longer
  • Timespan must encompass years or more
  • Must contain a large back story or universe setting in which the story takes place

Female authors have adapted the masculine epic tradition to express their own heroic visions.


The romance element in this series is incredibly complex.  Just as with the story itself, there are so many layers and only as the series progresses do we get to peel these layers back and see what’s at the foundation, where it all began.  To say love matures as the characters do is overly simplistic.  These characters are dealing with how love changes them and the way they look at the world as they grow and change.