My first experience with an aura came years before I knew what it was.

I’d never heard the term.

I was in second grade and watching the nun lecture. I suddenly noticed a bright glowing light that outlined her body. As I watched it got wider, going out from her body by several inches. Confused, I blinked but the glowing outline was still there. At this point I tapped a student sitting next to me and asked if she saw what I saw. Big mistake.

She raised her hand and told the teacher I was bothering her. The teacher responded by asking me to come to her. When I explained what was happening she put me in the closet and made me remain there for the rest of the day.

Several hours.**

The next day I saw the glowing outline but this time was wise enough not to say anything. Unfortunately, the mystery didn’t end there. I became aware of a presence and looked to my right to see the ghost of a nun who had passed away recently looking at me, a finger pressed to her lips.

Obviously, this woman who I really liked was advising me not to say anything.

Off and on throughout the years I would note glowing outlines on people but I never thought much of it.

Still don’t.

A couple months back I asked a ghost who has been with me since 2012 what inspired him to try talking to me in the hotel room that night. He explained that people like me (those who are capable of communicating with spirits) have a light purple/dark lavender notch in our aura.

He explained all that means is that we are capable. It’s up to us whether or not we engage.

He shrugged, then said, “I took a chance.”

I’m glad he did.

** It was one of those closets that has a chalkboard on the outside? I never said a word to my parents and I never again talked about paranormal stuff at school until after the NDE.