I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.  

I’d always considered them a portal to another world.  What I couldn’t figure out was whether or not we traveled there or just watched through some type of cosmic window.

Though there are a handful of dreams I had in childhood that stand out in memory, things took a turn when I was in ninth grade.  

I began having dreams of what was to come.

Within a relatively short time of having these dreams I came to notice that the psi dreams were different than others in a significant way.  When a dream had a psychic flavor to it?  All the colors were super vibrant.

I generally dream in color but when the dream is of a paranormal nature the color really stands out.

I regularly shared these dreams with certain members of my family.

Both grandmothers and my parents were incredibly supportive of the psi side of my life.

My dad gave me a book on lucid dreaming for Christmas that year.  The book provided insight into the world of dreams but didn’t explain how it was I was seeing the future in them.

In the early 90s things in the dream world took a further twist.

The summer of 1991 was an interesting time in my life in that the tremor of the Corporate Black Hole force began to be felt.

The economy was not good, the local one worse.  When the company I worked at started to face “secular headwinds” things got ugly.

I was starting to have serious doubts about the path I’d chosen.

I was starting to think it might be a good idea to move away from a region where the economy tanked regularly as the automotive industry dragged it through one boom-bust cycle after another.

One evening I had a dream where my grandfather, who’d passed away years earlier, showed up at my house.

I recognized his yellow car as it pulled up in the driveway.

He got out and came to the door, smiling at me.  Before he could say anything I said, “You can’t be here!  You’re dead!” after which I woke up.  I was very disappointed because I was pretty certain he had a message for me and I blew it by freaking out.  I shared this disappointment with a colleague who suggested I take time before bed to invite my grandfather back.

Explain that I would not freak out and would be happy to listen.

That night and for the following four he returned with information of what was to come not only in my life but in the life of certain family members.

I passed along all messages.

One of the more profound dreams was the one in which I was shown the man I was going to marry.  Though I only got to see him in profile I got enough of a good look to know that yep – I married that guy.

Every event that I was shown that week came to pass.

At the end of the last dream my grandmother, who’d also passed away, told me she would come later to work with me.  

She returned in the fall of 1996, just as promised.

 By 1994 the Corporate Black Hole Force was in full swing.  

I was actively looking for a way out of the mess.

One evening I had an incredible dream.  It was a dream in which the celestial being who’d been guiding me for years made a pretty dramatic appearance.

In this dream in addition to vibrant color, I felt temperature and heard a roaring wind.

In the dream we stood side by side at the edge of a canyon gazing at a star-filled horizon.  As we watched the planets move through the night sky, he told me a story.

The information was for me.

At the end of the dream, he promised he would be with me.  

To guide.

The moment I woke I typed the entire dream into a file, copied it onto a 3.5 inch disk and put it in the box I kept filled with manuscripts dating back to my first novel written in 1981 while we were living in my maternal grandparents’ basement.

I read the file a handful of times in the ensuing years.  It always left me amazed but feeling hopeful that there are beings who watch over us and guide us when times are tough.  

I never forgot the view of the night sky from the edge of the canyon, the hot wind I both felt and heard roaring in my ears.

In 2016, just after getting the Lessons on Time lecture that would end up in Bishop Pair, 2nd in the Metatron’s Army series, I was perusing the Internet when an image that was eerily similar to the view from the edge of the canyon popped up on the screen.

It was in an article NASA put out.

It was one of those moments where time seems to stop.

Everything is suddenly surreal.

I immediately saved the photo.

I put it into the folder related to Metatron’s Army.

At that point I hadn’t even finished Advantage.

For those interested in more, I detail that part of the journey in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Including details about the celestial guide and the Lessons on Time lecture.