It’s appropriate that before starting the first EMF article I’ve written in years I fired up a playlist.  After all, music is one of the most powerful remedies for ameliorating symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.  Thankfully, this list is more for inspiration than symptom relief.

I have been free of EMF Sensitivity symptoms since the summer of 2016.

Having cured myself of the debilitating condition after learning the root cause and taking appropriate action, I turned my energies back to my first passion, fiction.  That didn’t mean my relationship with electromagnetic frequencies was a thing of the past.  As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, there are plenty of non-tech EMFs in our environment, including but not limited to

  • geologic
  • atmospheric
  • esoteric

The Psi Connection.  I first observed a connection between those with psi ability and EMF Sensitivity while researching the mysterious condition destroying my life.

As someone who worked in technology for decades, I was baffled by the sudden reality technology EMFs were making me ill.

In a nutshell, people who are psi active are more likely to suffer from EMF Sensitivity than those who aren’t as tuned into their extrasensory abilities; abilities which everyone has access to.  

Humanity wouldn’t have gotten this far if we didn’t possess senses beyond the basic five.

If you suffer from EMF Sensitivity, chances are, whether or not you are aware, you are psychic

It certainly explains a lot if you think about it.

No longer needing to worry about Wi-Fi, cellular, or computers, I set to work on completing and publishing Metatron’s Army as well as other works of fiction.

I was also free of symptoms caused by refrigerator and AC motors and ceiling fans.

But EMFs weren’t finished with me.

Geologic.  As I write in Riding the Waves, I’ve been able to predict earthquakes for years.

It’s technically a function of EMF Sensitivity.

I was able to predict with near perfect accuracy** the day, date, time, and magnitude of a quake.  Oh, and what fault was going to pop.  

I kept a journal, included a page in Riding the Waves.

How was I able to do so?  The EMFs emitted from the ground in the hours and days before the quake made me horribly ill.  I could tell based on my symptoms how severe the quake was going to be.  I was able to determine the fault line because my head turns in the direction the EMFs travel from automatically.

I will wake up in the middle of the night and turn in the direction of an imminent quake.

I learned while living in Arizona, the earth fissures associated with land subsidence also emit these geologic frequencies.

While living in San Diego, I noticed that though I was no longer sickened from the geologic frequencies associated with fault lines I could still detect earthquakes before they hit.  I could hear the p-waves as a ringing in my left ear.  

The higher the pitch the smaller the magnitude.  The longer the ringing lasted the longer the ground shook.

When I relocated to the Pacific Northwest, I observed that I could still hear the p-waves that precede a quake but with a twist.  I hear them in my right ear instead of the left.

The other variables still apply.

I noticed something else.  The fault system that rocks the Canadian area sends quake waves in a linear pattern.

Not the circular one you see in many diagrams.

This enables me to zero in on the epicenter.

Like I said, my head turns automatically in the direction the p-waves are traveling from.

I’ve observed a number of other interesting characteristics in the enigmatic fault system that criss-crosses the area up here.  

It goes with being energetically entwined with the land beneath my feet.

Atmospheric.  Beginning in the spring of 1982 I was able to detect severe thunderstorms forty-eight hours before they showed up.

I got horrendous migraines.

For years these migraines sent me to the ER where I would be given medication that didn’t do anything about the pain but made it so I could sleep until the system passed.

Until Imitrex came along.  That miracle medicine actually stopped the pain almost instantly and – blessedly – with zero side effects.

While researching the cure for EMF Sensitivity, I learned that potassium is as effective as Imitrex at treating the migraine.

For me at least.

Though I’d made significant progress, I wasn’t free of the migraines and in fact, after relocating to the Pacific Northwest experienced a recurrence in weather related migraines I hadn’t had to deal with in years.

Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

Free of EMF Sensitivity, I turned my focus to tackling the migraine problem.

Along with publishing my fiction work.

I managed to discover the root cause of the migraines which enabled me to formulate a strategy to eradicate them permanently.  Three years later I succeeded.

I will be sharing this information in an upcoming Data Sheet.

Esoteric.  As I’ve mentioned on the pages throughout this site, the esoteric has been a part of my life since early childhood.   One of the earliest symptoms of my EMF Sensitivity, though I was unaware of the relationship at the time, was a loss of psi ability.  As I’d been psi for as long as I could remember, this development was concerning to say the least.  I immediately set out to understand why this happened and though I couldn’t find anything to explain the sudden loss of my psi senses I did find Lynne McTaggart’s book The Intention Experiment, which changed my life and validated much of my early EMF research.

The best part was being introduced through the material to the world of remote viewing which led me to Ingo Swann.  Finally, someone I could relate to, who had experiences I had, who saw things I saw.  As a bonus, his work was validated by extensive research done by the US Government through the Stargate Program.

I discovered my very first EMF Sensitivity remedy in the spring of 2009.  Aside from feeling instant relief from dizziness and other annoying symptoms I discovered my psi abilities were restored.

All of this is detailed in Riding the Waves.

Within a short time, I observed not only were my psi abilities restored, they were stronger than ever.

And there were more of them.

That was from just one remedy.  Once I was cured?  My psi went off the charts.

My psi hearing intensified to the degree I was able to hear certain codes transmitted by nautical buoys which is annoying when you’re trying to sleep and puzzling since I didn’t live that close to the water.

In the spring of 2017 with the migraine remedy research in full swing I experienced what I call a Psi Avalanche that included the appearance of several celestial beings.

This too will be the subject of an upcoming Data Sheet.

Knowing how valuable my research is, that what I’ve discovered can help others?  I determined I would publish.  However, as my first passion is fiction I was unwilling to pivot back to nonfiction as a career.  The compromise I came up with was to publish the information in a form I call Data Sheets.  These sheets which will be available for purchase will deal with subjects touched upon here.  

Including the migraine cure.

I will be posting updates on availability here and through blog articles on

Stay tuned.

** I was wrong two times on two different quakes. Once I was off on the time by two minutes. The other I was off by .1 on the magnitude.