Every psi experience is unique.

No two psychics are alike though there are parallels and commonalities.

When I see paranormal phenomenon portrayed in movies I generally reserve judgment since I’m watching for entertainment value.  Every once in awhile, however, I’ll come across a production that really hits home.

Because it’s accurate.

Ghosts.  Two movies that immediately come to mind are Ghost and Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Ghost.  There were a few things in the movie I can relate to

  • Ghosts singing

As I explain in Know Thy Celestial Neighbor ghosts can and do sing to people

  • Ghosts interacting with technology

As I explain in The Muse in Music ghosts can affect computers, cellphones, and iPods.

  • Ghosts anxious to talk to someone who can hear them

As I explain in Auras ghosts are able to perceive when an individual is capable of communicating with them.  Many are eager to talk with the living.

Truly Madly Deeply.  There were a few things in this movie I could relate to

  • Ghosts appear suddenly out of the corner of the eye

Other than ET whose appearance in a hotel room in Vegas was unique for a number of reasons, the ghosts who have showed up in my home appear suddenly out of the corner of my eye.  

They always appear in the same location making me think there is some type of portal.  From what I can tell it has to do with materials conducive to EMF conductivity.

Once I become aware of them they move around.

Sometimes sitting on the arm of a chair or the edge of the coffee table.  Some like to sit next to me on the sofa while I’m working on a novel.  They also seem content to stand.  They don’t always engage me in conversation.  Sometimes they offer an opinion about what I’m working on or talk about nothing in particular. They come and go.

  • Ghosts sing you awake

Though ghosts do sleep, the ones I know are early risers.  They tend to sing early in the morning.

To announce their presence.

  • “There are ghosts in my living room?”

At one point I had a rather large group of like-minded** spirits hanging out with me as I took breaks from writing.

They would hang with me on the back deck.

**While most were musicians, others from other creative professions occasionally stopped by to chat.

They have a great sense of humor and are very sweet. Topics of conversation varied and included my work, my taste in music, EMF Sensitivity, the weather. Sometimes we didn’t talk at all, instead sitting in the sun in companionable silence.

Psi.  The movie that stands out for this is Hereafter.

I related more to the psychic played by Matt Damon than the woman who had the NDE.  

It never got so bad I had to take medication though I did benefit from listening to guided meditation at bedtime.  My favorite is the work of Dr. Taub.

Being a psychic can be very draining energetically.

Ingo Swann wrote of getting to a point where he was psychically overwhelmed, something I truly understand.  While he sought the help of someone who could turn down/off the noise, I sought assistance of a different sort.


They have been an incredible help teaching me about the effects of various materials and environmental factors that can help filter out psi noise.  

I never actually asked them for help.  They volunteered it after seeing how I was suffering from psi avalanche.

I do not attempt to turn off the noise in its entirety.  To me that would be like taking batteries out of a smoke detector.  

Not a good idea.