The Iconoclast

iconoclastThe term Iconoclast refers to someone who seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions, often of a political or religious nature.  An Iconoclast typically feels the beliefs or traditions associated with the ideas and/or institutions are erroneous and must be done away with.

In the series, it appears that the Iconoclast’s actions are in direct opposition to Metatron’s and Christine definitely sees the wisdom of following universal law embedded in Metatron’s ways.

And yet…

It is the highest of irony that Christine and the Iconoclast have overlapping objectives.

The need for change.

To the degree they are trying to achieve some of the same ends.

Iconoclast:  Enemy or not?


ArcArcs are the Iconoclast’s army.

Like Light Beings, they have incredible powers due to their physiology. 

Arcs are capable of killing Light Beings.

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