When it comes to ghosts, battlefields are an interesting place.

Hint to ghost hunters: Ripe pickins.

Throughout the years I’ve heard theories on why spirits may remain. When it comes to the ones on a field of battle, I have a unique perspective.

EMF medium.

Reenactment. The summer before fourth grade my family did a Mid-Atlantic road trip during which we visited Gettysburgh.

My favorite part of that trip was Mt. Vernon. There is such a peacefulness about that place.

While sitting in a reenactment theatre looking down on the stage I noticed a couple of guys off to the left watching.

They were on the stage leaning against the wall.

Though they were all in uniform like the other actors I immediately saw that they were different.

For one thing they weren’t too solid looking.

For several moments I watched them watching the actors, noticed that they were all wounded.

They had bloody bandages on their head and arms. One guy’s leg was bandaged up.

At one point one of the three guys turned and looked straight at me. For some time we just looked at each other.

No communication.

He turned his attention back to the reenactment but not before one of the other guys turned to see what his buddy was starting at.

Who, rather.

I leaned over and whispered to my dad “There are dead guys on the stage.” He replied, “They’re just actors. They’ll be getting up.” I looked at him like “Well, yah!” and said, “Not those guys. Those guys.”

Because he couldn’t see them I described them.

He looked at the place on the stage for a long while then looked at me and said, “You see ghosts on that stage?”

“Yes. They seem to be enjoying the reenactment.”

I didn’t sense any ghosts anywhere else in the park.

Still Arguing. While living in Louisiana, our school visited Chalmette Battlefield. I slowed down while walking through a section with headstones to see where the soldiers buried there were from.

Majority were from Michigan and Ohio.

As I was pondering the irony I became aware of voices arguing.

Adult male voices.

I was the only one anywhere close so I stopped and listened, hoping I could figure out what was happening. Within seconds I determined I was hearing ghosts of the soldiers.

Though they’d fought against the British in the War of 1812, they were arguing over who should have won the war between the north and the south!

With my gaze on a group of headstones I told them I thought it was silly to argue about something that not only happened a long time ago but was done.

They replied, “No one asked your opinion!”

I probably would have responded but the teacher was calling for me to stop dawdling and catch up to the rest of the class.

EMF Medium. I’ve encountered ghosts at other battlefields turned into state and national parks. After my interactions with multiple spirits at Stones River in Murfreesboro, TN, I took time to consider why spirits, including those who were not soldiers, hung out there.

I had been doing research into EMF Sensitivity for years and was about to release Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

Sensitive to geologic EMFs I soon realized battlefields, often chosen for geologic features that provide strategic advantage such as safety and/or easy access to supplies (i.e a river) were filled with these low-level frequencies.

What are classified as low and very low.

Having already observed that frequencies can amplify each other I theorized that these locations with their natural electromagnetic frequencies, are environmentally friendly for spirits.

I’ve since learned – with the help of a number of friendly spirits – environmental factors definitely play a role on whether or not a ghost can or will hang out.

Materials science in real time.