Psi phenomenon takes place as much in the body as in the brain.

Paranormal phenomenon can definitely stress the adrenals.

As I write in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, mineral imbalance negatively impacts the ability to connect with spirituality.

Electrolyte balance, responsible for cell signaling, is critical for psi functioning.

Though the interactions I’ve had with ghosts throughout the years haven’t been a problem, I did face a rather unique challenge while recovering from EMF Sensitivity.

Heavy metal toxicity threw off my mineral and electrolyte balance.  Detox and nutritional rebuild was oh, so fun.  Not.

It got to the point where interacting with ghosts, even when I enjoyed the conversation, was hitting my adrenals hard.

Basically, it had the same effect as if I went through some sort of fight or flee response which I thought odd because I wasn’t scared or upset by the interactions.  Surprised, sometimes, but not scared.

Initially, I just made sure I ate a healthy protein rich snack after.

Given I was trying to rebuild nutritional stores, this wasn’t a long-term solution.

The Friendly, Helpful Ghost 1.  Ever since ET asked if he could go with me on EMF Sensitivity research trips, I’ve known how helpful ghosts can be when it comes to solving problems.

On the first research trip, we were driving around northern Colorado when I developed a bad migraine, complete with flashing lights and an eye that wouldn’t stop tearing.  

 Let Me Try.  Distressed by my suffering, ET asked if I would let him try to help me.  

I quickly agreed.

Within minutes the pain was gone.  I asked him what he did whereafter he explained that he wasn’t sure he could help but wanted to try.  

He said the pressure in the area around the scar tissue from the brain surgery was what was causing the pain.

He explained that though he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to, he changed the pressure, reducing it.  At that point the pain was gone.

Several years later I found myself with a number of friendly ghosts in my life, all of them musicians.

Think of it.  Who better to understand frequencies?

And all of them helpful.

In general they come and go.  

As each new appearance took a hit on my adrenals, it quickly became clear something had to give.

The Friendly, Helpful Ghost 2.  One morning I was woken early by a ghost singing in my ear.

Like when Alan Rickman sings Tangled Up in Blue in Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Other than knowing it from hearing it on the radio, I didn’t recognize the song or the singer though I knew he was one of the celestial visitors.  

I knew it was hard rock but that’s it.

I went to Aaron who was able to tell me the name of the song and the artist.  I later told the friendly visitor that while I appreciated his love of singing, I would prefer to sleep a little later.  When the guy returned several mornings in a row, bright and early, I started to get annoyed.

Especially when the other friendly visitors began doing the same thing.

They didn’t sing the same songs each time and more often than not they sang tunes I’d never heard before.  

Aaron was always able to help me identify the song and the culprit.

Method to the Madness.  It was while standing at the kitchen sink one day sometime later I came to understand the point.  When the original crooner suddenly appeared beside me not only was I able to identify him by feel, my adrenals didn’t take a hit.  

The same transition happened with each of the others.

By associating his energy with specific songs he made it so my adrenals were no longer threatened since I was able to identify the energy by vibration.

Even when they didn’t announce their arrival by singing.

Word Got Around.  In the years since when a new musical guest has put in an appearance he always announces his arrival by singing.

It works beautifully though I do appear to have a limit to the number of ghosts that can be in my presence at once before my adrenals become stressed.  

I’m still working out the details.

It’s a whole other type of EMF research.