They say when the student is ready the master will come.  This maxim has played out in a rather interesting fashion when it comes to my education on time.

To say that some of my resources were unconventional would be an understatement.

Conventional Education.  Throughout the years, I’ve read books, periodicals, and watched documentaries on time.

I’ve also spoken with various teachers and – occasionally – research scientists when I was fortunate enough to cross their paths.

I have generally kept my research to a broad study of the subject rather than going in-depth on any particular aspect.

i.e. multi-verse and/or string theory.

Experience as Education.  I have my own unique experiences with time.  Comfortable with the knowledge gained through these experiences, I haven’t spent too much time researching the scientific principles behind them.

A lot of the stuff I have found that gives context to what I’ve experienced falls into theoretical and subatomic physics which, while helpful, still falls short in some respects. 

 The science doesn’t do justice to the experience.

Observation as Education.  Some of the best observations on time have come from watching people.

This is also an excellent source of material for writing.

One of the more interesting resources for the impact of societal and cultural influences of time comes from reading how the calendar systems were developed, altered, and adopted.

And often altered again.

This doesn’t even touch on the subject of celestial or sidereal time.

My observations of societal dictates on time have altered when appropriate

  • Work from home

Outside career deadlines such as meetings, managing time working from home is vastly different than doing so while working at a place of employment.

  • From Corporate to Self-Employed

I tried keeping a schedule close to what I was used to from when I worked in tech but found doing so hindered far more than it helped.  It took years to become comfortable with the rhythm of self-employment.  I basically work 7 days a week though I admit doing something I love – writing – doesn’t feel like work.

  • Pandemic lockdown

What few routines I had went out the window.  As everyone else I know and interact with was in the same boat, there wasn’t much to latch onto in terms of recognizable social time constructs.

Beyond Convention.  Throughout the years I’ve gotten information on time from a number of unconventional sources.

  • Psychic Dreams
  • Dream Time
  • Spirit School
  • The Muse of Time

Psychic Dreams.  I began having dreams of coming events when I was thirteen.

Prior to that I generally had premonitions while awake in what I would call clairsentience.  I “knew” what was about to happen.  I began “knowing” the future when I was five.  Fortunately, my parents and the culture I was a part of were conducive to this reality.  It helped that both my grandmothers and a great-aunt were psychic.

I continued having prophetic dreams until I was in my thirties when I was informed it was time to learn clairaudience.  I politely declined after which I ceased having prophetic dreams. This was followed by a block of all my psychic ability; an ability I’d had since I was very young.  Traumatized, I gave in.

It was while searching for an explanation for the sudden cessation of my psi abilities at Borders Bookstore in San Francisco that I stumbled on the work of Russell Targ, Lynne McTaggart, Ingo Swann, and was further led to IRVA.**

I continue to have a sense of coming events though the channel of delivery varies.

I once “saw” a car pulling out and cutting us off before it happened and was able to warn Aaron who was driving at the time.

I’ve come to see Event Horizon sessions provide information about the future.

Sometimes years in advance.

The key in receiving such information is not the information so much as what you do with it.

Though I haven’t come to a firm conclusion there is anecdotal evidence that suggests at least some stuff is fated.

In Dreams – Time.  I once had a very vivid dream about a colleague and his antecedents as they were through the generations.  

I was “shown” the different roles they played via clothing and other cultural and period references.

I emailed him after waking to tell him about the dream.  He called soon after to tell me I was uncannily accurate when describing his family’s cultural lineage going back several generations.  

He asked me how I did it.  I told him I don’t know.  It’s just “my life.”

I’ve had a number of dreams about time or time travel that fall under the broader psi heading.

I once had a dream about a New Age shop.  The dream was vivid. I saw the layout of the store in detail in the dream.  During the dream I watched the two women who worked there interact with a spirit from the distant past.  I was then given instructions to go to the shop and make a specific purchase.  I was even shown where in the store the item was.

Newly relocated to the state my first order of business upon waking – after writing the dream down – was to see if there was a New Age shop anywhere close.  We found one some distance away and proceeded to travel there.  Upon walking inside, I immediately saw it was the store from the dream – down to the last detail.  I told the two women working that day about the dream.  Smiling they pulled out what I was meant to purchase.  They were not at all surprised by any of it.  I still have the purchase and keep it within viewing range while working.

I have been shown items to purchase in dreams more than once.

I am always given instructions on where to go to find the item(s).

I’ve made hand drawings of images when the images in the dream are related to some problem I need to find the solution for.

Such as solving an equation I saw in the NDE.

Spirit School.  In the years after the NDE I would go to a plane of awareness that seems like a dream but isn’t.  

I’m there with other celestial entities in a classroom.

I receive information I term “lessons.”  At the transition doorway back to the normal plane of consciousness I am stopped and quizzed on what I learned.

It literally is a door.  Once I step through, I wake up with firm knowledge I was at Spirit School.  Most of the time I can recall what it was I learned.  For the times I can’t?  I know on some level I retained the knowledge, so I don’t stress about it.

The Muse of Time.  I’ve come to see the Muse as I like to call him uses a variety of channels to get information through.

  • Dream State
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience

Dream State.  While working on the Psi Adventure Series I had a very vivid dream I would classify as a type of Spirit School lecture.  In the dream it was explained to me that Time is a Lens that’s Curved.

There were images to support the lecture I was getting.

I was told and shown how to move to different places in time.

Though I accept the information I received I have a difficult time putting theory to practice.

I wrote down the experience upon waking.  After editing, I used it as a plot device in Ghost in the Mirror:  Book Four in the Psi Adventure Series

Clairvoyance.  While wrapping up the Metatron’s Army Series I was shown a number of images related to time.

I was shown concentric rings and how and where we exist relative to the movement of time.

The visuals were follow-ups to information gained previously.

Either in dreams, Spirit School, or during the NDE itself.

As with a lot of the information gained during the NDE I couldn’t understand the more complex principles regarding time without having a formal education in science and math.

I continue to study these subjects in order to gain deeper levels of understanding of what I’m shown.

By the time I was writing Bind: Book 9 in the Metatron’s army series I was able to solve a number of open problems/equations I’d been working on throughout the years.

I was also given new problems to solve.  Though I understand in theory it’s another one of those “how do you do this in practice?”

Clairaudience.  While working on Bishop Pair: Book Two in the Metatron’s Army Series, I was given a rather comprehensive lecture on time that I was instructed to put in the book.

In Christine’s version of Spirit School – the Illusionary Plane.

Though I was in bed I had not gone to sleep when the celestial entity giving me the lecture appeared.  

This is the first time I attended Spirit School while awake.

I was told to repeat the entire lecture back verbatim multiple times before I was allowed to go to sleep.  I then had to repeat it again first thing in the morning then write it down.

I was annoyed when I was told to repeat it back yet again though I’m glad I did.  When I woke up, I was able to recall everything perfectly.

EXCERPT:  Here is a brief excerpt from that lecture which appears both in Bishop Pair and in the Appendix of Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army

“The drive to be in harmony with the rhythms of nature is as innate in Man as it is in any living creature, from the largest planetary body to the smallest insect that crawls beneath his feet.  And Man continually seeks to honor that drive so that he can better participate in this dance of life.”

Though I have more work to do in solving some of the problems put to me I can say this stuff does not take center stage in my life.

Unless I’m using it in one of my novels.

I have learned that whatever it is I need to know about time will find its way to my consciousness.

One way or another.

As Energy Seer Alexander Craig likes to say – much to Christine’s chagrin – All in Good Time.

** In watching Ingo’s video presentations, I saw that not only was there someone else like me, he had been involved in some incredible scientific research which gave great context to some of the more interesting psi experiences in my life.  I went on to read many of his books along with his website and though there isn’t complete overlap in terms of psi ability and experience, there was enough to help me put my life into perspective.  Though Ingo has passed away, his legacy continues to aid people like me who have a need to understand. 

 I am grateful for his courage in sharing himself with the world.