A couple years back while living through the middle of what I call a psi avalanche I was paid a visit by a relative who’d recently passed away.  

Given all the cards in my psi deck?  I figured it was only a matter of time before I’d hear a tap tap tapping at my psi door…

Of all the pieces of the brief yet pleasant conversation that took place – most of which was a message I needed to pass along to “Barbie” who was “always his favorite” – what stood out was how he ended it. 

“I’m going home.”

This was accompanied by the image of an ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands projected across what Jose Silva calls the mental screen.

I immediately recognized it from a photo that had been in our family’s possession since ancestors emigrated to the US. I’m pretty certain its in the hands of an uncle at this point.

I promised him I’d pass the message along and wished him well.

I also thanked him for stopping by.

When I passed the message along?  The recipient said, “I had a feeling you’d be hearing from him.”

More recently, I was adjusting a Farquharson swag I have in my living room when the ghost of a relative who’d just passed away appeared at my side.

And I mean just.

Though I’d more or less been expecting her I was still surprised at how quickly she made an appearance.

I said, “Wow, that was fast. How long have you been gone?”

She appreciated the bit of gallows humor.

She told me she couldn’t stay long but wanted me to pass a message along to a relative she’d always been close to.

She wanted me to assure her cousin she was fine and not to worry about her.

We chatted a bit – I’d always been close to her – and I wished her well.

After thanking her for stopping by.

What is interesting about this particular visit is that I’d been anticipating it before she died.

She was in the hospital with late-stage cancer.

The reason is that her father, who’d passed away decades earlier, had been hanging around, as if letting me know to expect her.

I can always tell when he’s around because I can smell his pipe smoke. It brings wonderful memories of when I used to sit in his lap as a child.

Though I’m a bit startled when spirits show up and ask me to pass a message along, I’m good with it.

It can bring a bit of peace during an otherwise difficult time.

Note: Within minutes of publishing this page the strong smell of pipe smoke entered my awareness.

The tobacco is sweet smelling.

My reaction? A smile and a kind thought for my great-uncle who’d always been a favorite.