For a being whose existence has been recorded for millennia, in not telling me his name, Metatron picked an interesting way to make an entrance in my life.

Though this celestial being has been with me since I was young, it’s only recently I’ve come to realize who and what he was.

Talk to Me.  My first interaction with this being took place when I was six.  My mom was in the hospital.  I was in bed, lying on my stomach staring out at the night sky and thinking of how worried I was about her.  Suddenly, a voice spoke to me.

Gentle, male, reassuring, he promised me my mom was going to be okay.

The declaration was accompanied by a feeling of warmth, as if someone wrapped a warm blanket around me.

Smiling, I thanked the messenger and was able to fall asleep.

Listen to Me. My next interaction with the celestial being – at seven years of age – was more profound.  

I was sitting in my second-grade classroom staring out the window, despairing over the prospect of having to spend the rest of my life in Catholic school.

When you’re seven and the nuns aren’t happy with you because you ask questions they can’t or won’t answer?  Twelve years** seems like the rest of your life.

The nun decided we should go to church to pray.  Rather than sit in a pew I went to kneel at the altar.

There is a large piece of wood that hangs from the ceiling in that church.  To me it resembled an old-fashioned ornate bed, like you might see in a Medieval castle.  I used to stare up at it during mass and wonder if Jesus slept there.

As I was kneeling, contemplating a bleak future I heard a voice from above say, “I assume you’re tired of getting in trouble with the nuns?”

The voice was male and gentle and definitely amused.

Heart pounding, I gaped up and thought “Oh my God He really is up there!”

I told this being I thought it completely unfair I was getting in trouble for asking questions. 

At the time I thought it was God talking to me.  I now realize it was the Archangel.

At this point the voice instructed me thus:  “From now on if you have any questions, bring them to me and I’ll make sure you get your answers.  I may use the nuns or priests to give you those answers but I want you to bring your questions to me directly.”

I contemplated the request in silence.

“Will you do this?”

I agreed.

“Good.  Now finish your prayers.”

That night I was lying on my stomach staring out at the night sky and thinking about what happened that morning.

I never told a soul until sharing the story with my husband about 3 years ago.

I decided to give it a try that night and sure enough, I was given an answer, not from a nun but from a neighbor’s sister-in-law.

Though I continued the practice for a few years, my life went in an interesting direction and I stopped.  Several years later the celestial being showed up in my apartment to remind me of our agreement.

** Fortunately for all involved, I switched to public school in 8th grade.

In the ensuing years I’ve had a number of interactions with the enigmatic Archangel I called “the dude.”

He never gave me his name!

Details are available in Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Due for release Spring 2021

Stay tuned