Having a perspective of the paranormal through knowledge and experience has given me an advantage when it comes to creating plots and characters.

Not all of my novels are inspired by paranormal events and with those that are?  Not all events have been experienced personally.

Sometimes one event will inspire multiple books.

While visiting the island of Oahu several years ago I had an experience that provided inspiration for a novel and a sci-fi series.

I was hiking near Diamond Head and as I was walking across a field, came upon an area that felt different; enough that I stopped and tuned into it.

It felt as if I was standing at a portal to another time.  Not another world.  Another time.  Specifically, it felt as if I was touching energy from the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.

I felt as if I walked through, I would be back in time to that day.

The feeling was limited to a small geographic area some distance from the stairs leading up to the view platform.  If I stepped away the feeling dissipated.  If I walked back over, it came back.

The feeling – the memory of it – never entirely went away and even back then I knew I would use it in a story someday.

This was years before I left the tech world to focus on being a writer.

That experience inspired the Ghost Games series as well as a plot device in the Dragon Core book Redemption.

Ghost Games was originally going to be set in Hawaii, with Mirror as the inaugural Case File.  I ended up releasing Beacon first and changing the location of the stories after the original series idea evolved.

The sci-fi series Metatron’s Army was inspired by a paranormal event, details of which will be available in Lessons from the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Due for release Spring 2021.