Where does someone go to learn about being a psychic?

It’s challenging to find answers to paranormal questions in a field of superstition.

Given that my abilities began showing up long before I ever heard the word psychic, the above statement is – an understatement.

Outside of my grandmother saying “She’s one of us” I had no idea I was a psychic until I saw In Search Of…

My dad and I were watching an episode in which a woman at Duke’s Rhine Center was working with Zener cards.

They also showed a woman who could tell whether the cards were red or black by the feel of them.

I looked at him and said, “I can do that.”

He replied, “You can? Show me.”

So I did.

He watched me successfully tell him whether cards were red or black along with a number of statistical hits on suits – though not numbers – before advising me not to tell anyone.

In 3rd grade with memories of the closet fresh in my mind, I can tell you he didn’t have to do any convincing.

Not Allowed. Now that I had a name – psychic – for what I was, I wanted to learn more. Next stop? The public library.

I walked over after school.

When I brought the book on ESP which came from the “adult section” to check out, the woman looked down her nose at me and, after informing me I was too young to possibly understand, refused to check it out.

I explained that I’d been reading college level since I was seven after which she ordered me out of the library and threatened to blacklist me from ever coming to the library again.

Recognizing a fool when I saw one I went home and asked my dad if we could go to the library that weekend. I slipped the book between a pile of adult books he’d grabbed, asked for his library card then went to check them out.

The ol’ sourpuss was there again.

I handed her the card and said, “My dad asked me to check this all out for him.”

Needless to say, I was successful.

For all the trouble I went to I found the book woefully inadequate in terms of substance.

I think I lost count of the number of times I read supposed, theoretical, unproven… My eyes watered.

Though a bit curious about why it went off the charts after the NDE I quit talking about it because it seemed every time I did I had to go get yet another brain scan.***

Sometimes 2/month. To put it bluntly? EEGs SUCK! Given the results never changed and the diagnosis was always nothing’s wrong?… Come on people…

My psi education followed a rather unusual and definitely unconventional path some of which I will share in the pages that follow.

*** This is the inspiration for Parmeet’s observations in The Seer as well as Corinna’s comments to Ryn about keeping quiet lest she be sent for more scans in Metatron’s Legacy.